I’m posting to present a theory about what the actual motivations would be to keep the UFO phenomenon hidden, and what it would mean if governments have made deals with NHI.

I’ve been thinking about the possibility that Greys could be us from the future even more recently (I’ve commented on the post asking for theories about disclosure already and stated this), for various reasons. Reading the post about Ross Coulthart definitely made me feel reassured in my belief through this post: https://reddit.com/r/UFOs/s/ipq4y7zL4V

then adding in the context of this post: https://reddit.com/r/UFOs/s/AzKDcxtSPs

I believe that the greys have destroyed their earth in the future, or as the earth became closer to the sun during the suns death (around the red giant phase) the surface would become uninhabitable due to the habitable zone spreading far outside earth at this point. Humanity wouldn’t be able to stand the radiation so they began to live underground, but that would only be sufficient for so long. They eventually figure out fourth dimensional technology that allows them to travel back in time where they could live underground for a lot longer but inside a younger earth far removed from destruction. Because of lack of access to the sun they begin to become pale skinned from melanin deficiency. This is where the depiction of Tall Whites stems from. This coincides with the D.U.M.B theory as well. Maybe they looked “Nordic” (1933 crash) because of this reason and fascist regimes took it as proof of Caucasian superiority.

Capitalism/Slavery/Human Trafficking/The Patriarchy/White Supremacy connection/anti-indigeniety:

Some of these things might read as obvious leftist talking points, but bare with me please. Our government as well as other powerful governments have been very anti-communist and more right leaning. Germanys Ministry for State Security implemented something called the “zersetzung” which was an intense covert psy-op against human rights activists and even punks (who have a history of being anti establishment and anti-bigotry).


I can get into the many historical examples of things similar to this happening in the West, but I’d like to focus on Betty and Barney Hill. I believe it is Greer who proposed that their abduction could’ve been a staged one by the government (this could explain why Obama cares about it), and what do you know they were both civil rights activists. I believe the government/TPTB has made deals with these greys to ensure a world where they maintain dominance in return for secrecy. They get to live in Agartha/Atlantis and carry out the goals that would ensure the ones keeping the secret keep the power. The goals being capitalism/white supremacy/and the patriarchy. The 1% are the only ones who know about this reality and they do everything they can to preserve it. This knowledge has been passed down through religious institutions like the Vatican (they archive a lot of secret information) which is why they are more accepting of the idea of “space brothers” than even evangelical Christian’s in the US. The deal that they made for abductions could’ve been that a majority of them come from POC specifically the indigenous and black people as black women and indigenous women go missing at alarming rates every year.



Which could also explain the whole Epstein island hollywood elite sex trafficking/human trafficking situation. Epstein had a mysterious temple on his island with a statue of Poseidon in it. It is theorized that rituals or sex abuse have taken place in this temple. Poseidon being the god of the sea and given what we know now about the 4chan leaker, it paints an eerie picture. He also had a picture of him meeting with pope in his estate. addendum: epstein was also Jewish which makes the pope picture even more out of place.

Demon worshipping aliens?

This is just purely theoretical based off my study of spiritual science and different religions, but the greys could’ve gotten this 4th dimensional technology from dealing with lower astral beings (existing in the fourth dimension). This was kinda depicted in the new Hellraiser where (spoiler) a man obsessed with immortality and power was then abducted by the cenobites (who are an extrdimensional race of demonic beings) into a giant diamond shaped UFO and made into a cenobite (to spare him his eternal suffering that came from his original wish of eternal life). It reminded me of Elon Musk and all his talk about demon technology and CERN. He openly states that’s what we’re dealing with.


The Greys: EBOs that are seeded with consciousness possibly divided into three subgroups: abductors, geneticists, and miners (which leads me to believe the Peru situation weren’t just your average illegal miners). Here is someone who apparently past life regressed as a grey who’s story really fits in with what I’ve been theorizing (sans the legend he was told). https://www.reddit.com/r/AMA/comments/565de1/i_had_several_lifetimes_as_a_grey_alien_ama/

Tall Whites: The few remaining future humans from a degraded timeline.

They live in caves/mountains (bucegi mountain for ex)/and deep in the ocean.

Thanks for reading if you’ve made it this far. peace and love <3

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