Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your time!

I’m planning to make some videos to explain the UAP amendment and encourage people to contact their representatives. If you could help with any of my questions, that’d be great.


The NDAA vote should occur in December. Do we have an idea of when in December? Are there times that the UAP amendment itself will be debated prior to that vote? Apparently it’s 50/50 if the amendment will pass. Does anyone have any idea which Representatives are on the fence? In regards to what content the videos may contain:

I suspect that the Representatives that care about UAP disclosure will vote yes and don’t need convincing. So, that leaves us with what may be the most convincing arguments for individuals who don’t follow the UAP issue as closely.

Arguments for voting yes on the amendment:

Address the Obstruction of Congress: Special access programs have been hiding funds and information from Congress. And even being as blatant as not allowing David Grusch a SCIF. We want our Representatives to have all their legal rights and this is a rare opportunity to ensure that.

Improve National security / Air safety: I’ll quote the arguments/issues raised by Ryan Graves.

Supporting whistleblowers: Whistleblowers have been instrumental to democracy. This is an opportunity to support current and future whistleblowers.

Thoughts? Any details or arguments that may be useful? Please help me make the most impactful content possible!!

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