UAP’s are the aimbotters and wallhackers of the universe

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First, let me say I’m not trying to convince anyway – I wrote a paper about the holographic universe years and years ago and ending up in a simulation seems like the most logical thing to me. Crazy I guess…


The simulation hypothesis proposes that all of existence is a simulated reality, such as a computer simulation.[1][2][3] This simulation could contain conscious minds that may or may not know that they live inside a simulation.

A couple interesting points to consider:

If the universe / reality itself is a simulation, humans could really be the only consciousness in the universe. UAPs could be developer tools used to observe/interact with the simulation, which is why they are not bound by our understanding of physics (or our understand is quite basic, clearly) Speaking of limits, there’s so many hard stops in the universe, like the speed of light for example… Strange. Quantum Physics also hints at a rendered universe – as in, particles change when observed, similar to how video games are rendered to only display what the observer (camera) sees and nothing else. Most of the universe itself doesn’t even need to be data intensive, it just needs to trick us into observing it. The Layer Cake – It could also be the case that there WAS a “real world” billions of years ago but the first advanced civ made massive tech progress over millions of years and created a simulated universe, creating a cycle of simulated universes reaching technological advancement powerful enough to develop Sim_Universe_2.0 … 3.0 … 4.0 etc Keep in mind, we have a whistleblower saying the INSIDE of a UAP not also distorts space (bigger on inside than out) but also distorts time <– this is important. A whistleblower claimed to have entered a UAP that was about 30 feet wide, yet inside was MASSIVE, like a football stadium. He also said he was in the craft for about 4 minutes, yet 4 HOURS passed in the real world.

We always try to explain UAPs with science but really science is equivalent to bumpers in a bowling alley. Science provides a guiderail for us, a min/max/average of the world. Science provides expectations for things that happen over and over. Science is GREAT at providing answers when we can observe something enough to attach attributes to it and determine a probabilistic end result.

TLDR: Universe = GTA Online Lobby


Think of UAPs that 1 “Insert hack here” (aimbot, walls, etc) you experience after 100 matches of Call of Duty or playing GTA Online. You literally can’t stop the hacker because they have broken the rules you are bound by. It’s NEARLY impossible to stop them but I’m sure most of you know, hackers can still be killed, it’s just really… really hard.

Imagine you are the first person to experience a wall hacker in CoD. People love to use “Occam’s Razor” and say well obviously if you are getting shot through walls it must be a wall hacker. Surprise, you’re correct! But we only know this because we can either watch a video from the hackers perspective or even test the hack ourselves. Can’t do this with UAPs.

Soooo – The current scenario on Earth is like this video game hacker metaphor

We can observe them exploiting our current understanding of the universe. So either our fundamental understanding of the universe is wrong or UAPs stumbled upon the source code. We all think these UAPs must be at minimum thousands of years ahead of us technologically but if you think about it technology isn’t linear, there are peaks and valleys and MASSIVE spikes of leaps of advancement in small periods. Imagine if Humanity cared about science and technological advancements like they do with capitalism. UAP civ culture could just be… different. There are several different types of hacks but most common is aimbotting (instant targeting, plus headshot = dead) and wall hacking (player sees thru walls). A UAP version of aimbotting is manipulating time while wall hacking is like manipulating space. Humans are playing the game and therefor MUST follow the rules, we have no choice. But one day maybe we’ll discover a bug in the code and maybe that’s all it takes to develop a UAP…

Maybe we are one unturned rock away from this tech – How would we know?

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