Anyone who cares to live in reality and anyone with the smarts to understand that they may actually not know everything and that the things you see on TV, your cellphone or computer screen could at anytime just be fake and computer generated then this is for you. If you already know everything and your content with life since you do know it all then you can probably pass on this 6 min video. This is personal video footage from the SpaceX launch just before the “car” launch. Once you see this and understand the implications then you can begin to form a better idea on the whole alien and outer space concept. I don’t have those answers obviously but think I have a better idea than those who aren’t aware of this and our space program. I’ve had this removed from my socials at least a dozen times for hate speech eventhough as you’ll see all I do is describe the launch as it happens. I don’t think Elon likes me and before you check it out fun fact for the day…how many of you knew Elon was in the Howard Stern movie I think in like 1999? You know what he plays? He’s an extra..he’s Howard’s limo driver. Look for yourself. You’ll be hard pressed to find it using Google and in writing or documented but it’s worth the find . It’s just another piece to the puzzle of truth. He’s just a bad actor .

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