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We need to start organising to bring attention to this issue. For older people, most probably won’t pay attention until Biden brings out an alien and it’s aired on every mainstream news channel. However for younger people, when there’s an important issue we’re used to seeing informative Instagram posts we can easily share to our stories, Linktree urls directing us to resources on the issue, Tiktoks of people explaining everything going on, and those are things we, regular internet users, can produce and circulate.

In this scenario, that could mean a Linktree with a general explanation of the issue and why people should be concerned with links to email members of Congress or relevant representatives internationally, and to organisations like Americans for Safe Aerospace. Or social media accounts run by a few admins who agree on how they want to cover the issue and can share the responsibilities like graphic design, writing posts, finding reliable sources, editing videos, etc.

While this subreddit is great for giving people with an interest a place to discuss UAPs, it’s not exactly accessible for people who are new to the topic and just want a basic understanding of what’s going on, and it’s a source a lot of them wouldn’t find in the first place.

There are so many reasons people who aren’t usually interested in this topic should care right now, the Pentagon are spending billions in US taxpayer funds on programs they aren’t telling anyone about while those taxpayers are dying because they can’t afford medical care, having to tell their children they can’t go to college, and living in shelters and hotels because they can’t afford stable shelter. The nation with the highest military budget in the world is hiding what their military are up to from their own government. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK all have to answer questions too since Grusch claimed they were involved in his BBC interview. This directly concerns the governments of bulk of the anglophone world.

While a lot of us on here are more interested in trying to analyse everything we’ve been told in-depth to better understand the full picture, I think focusing on the lack of transparency from these government orgs, the international involvement, the potential of the technology they appear to be hiding, and the credibility of the sources will appeal to a wider audience. It might feel awkward writing those #youthactivism #accountability #corruption captions but it pays off. The more people we have signing petitions, contacting their relevant politicians, and sharing information with their peers, the harder it’ll be to sweep this under the rug.

If a few people on this sub created a few pages with a few informative posts then shared them on here for the rest of us to follow, like, comment, and share on our profiles that would give the algorithm a big boost. If the pages grew big enough they could even be used to organise and promote protests. You could make these pages broader than just this issue, talking about other issues like social equality or corruption as well could actually bring more traction to the pages.

These are just my thoughts on how we could bring awareness to this issue, but if anyone else has other ideas that’s great too. The more people who work to raise awareness of this and the more diversity in how the issue is addressed, the better.

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