Veteran intelligence officer and Air Force veteran David Grusch knew there were risks when he decided to blow the whistle on secret – and highly illegal – programs which for decades have hidden evidence of non-human technology recovered from crash sites. Grusch met and interviewed more than 40 people who have seen the evidence first hand. That information has previously been conveyed to Congress in sworn testimony delivered behind closed doors. Grusch had previously been targeted for retribution by higher-ups in the intelligence community, which is why he filed whistleblower complaints with the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, then shared his story with journalists and with a House committee. Last week, insiders provided tips to a reporter about Grusch’s previous struggles with PTSD in what appears to be am attempt to besmirch his reputation, but also as a warning to other potential whistleblowers. In this episode, Jeremy and George dig into the sliming of Grusch, why it was done, and what might happen next.

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