What if, the MH370 story goes like this…

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PART I – The believable part

The pilot planned a suicide mission, and practiced it in his home simulator a month earlier. His plan was to fly on a direct route until he runs out of fuel. So he picked a route around Indonesia, then to continue straight South, that way there is enough flight time without turns and entering forbidden airspaces, until his fuel runs out. Why waiting until the plane runs out of fuel? To make sure that everyone will die with him for sure. First, he flys to the direction of the original flight planned destination – Beijing. This is not according to his original flight simulator suicide plan. Maybe the pilot had some second thoughts, or maybe he changed his plan because he knew from his experience that after the secondary and last radar contact (01:22 MYT), there is a long radio silence for a few hours, which will allow him the time he needs to complete his suicide plan and go straight South until the plane runs out of fuel. After the the secondary and last radar contact (01:22 MYT), the pilot said “good night” in the radio, closed the transmitter, and immediately made a large turn to the direction of his original flight simulator suicide plan. After the turn, his new route touches exactly the route of his flight simulator. In his way to his suicide route he went a bit Souther first, and passed by his home town Penang, like saying one last good bye. After he passed by his home for a last goodbye, now the pilot is aligned with his suicide mission route, he passed Indonesia and turns the plane South (even earlier than in his original simulator plan), and he completed everything he needs to do. Now he just need to keep going straight until the fuel runs out and keep the transmitter closed. At this point, this MH370 flight went off route for many hours and continue straight South for many hours, it appears on all the relevant radars, so it is expected that everybody’s eyes are on this plane right now (Malaysia, the US, the military, and even the president suppose to hear about it at this point). At some point, a military drone reaches the MH370 plane and tries to contact it with no luck. Then a satellite camera finds the plane and continue to focus on the plane. They are filming the plane go South for several minutes or hours.

PART II – The unbelievable part

At this point, the drone and satellite are monitoring MH370 for a few minutes or hours, the intelligence are talking with the president about it. They are unable to contact the plane. Then the unbelievable happens – flying orbs “abduct” the plane. This is where the story is illogical and unbelievable, but because the videos looks so real and were not debunked yet, here are a few speculations how it might be possible that aliens suddenly entered the picture:

a) Aliens are monitoring things like our nukes, suggests that maybe they care about humanity and can feel compassion. Maybe they noticed the incident of the suicide mission and had the ability to intervene this time (because it is in the open sea, and no one is around). In this case where the aliens motive is compassion, the passengers are safe in some other place / dimension / time / or something.

b) Bad aliens (like in the website “badaliens.info“. *Warning* – this site have some things that will give you nightmares). This site describes countless of cattle mutilation and human mutilation (cattle mutilation is more common), with pictures (you don’t want to see), and they all have in common: same organs and body parts are missing, and all are drained from their blood completely without any blood around the corpse (this shit happened for decades, and different areas of the world, both for cattle and humans). The “bad aliens” noticed a plane full of people is on a suicide mission, they are in the open sea where no one is around except for the military drone. These bad aliens might think – what a waste of 227 passengers, that can be used for whatever they are using them.


I split the story to 2, because the first part is what I think happened for sure. The specific route, how the simulator route and original routes are aligned, the weird turns and how they correlate with the secondary and last radar contact at 01:22 MYT, and the decisions of the pilot to go this route for many hours.

The second part, is my speculation due to the incredible videos that we are unable to debunk yet, which makes me think it is possible they are real. In case they are real, we need to consider the specific route of the pilot decided to take for many hours and the home simulator. It really shows that the pilot indeed was on a suicide mission that was planned a month earlier. I don’t need anyone to agree with my speculations, but I ask that we start to consider that the pilot went on a route that seems like a suicide mission route, and if the videos are true, we will need to understand the entire timeline.

Let me know what you think. Alien00b.

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