Saw this yesterday after midnight in the nightsky after my gf told me she saw a flash like a lightning behind the clouds and light shining through the clouds like a flashlight. I was sitting on the toilet before and me and my girlfriend aren’t really any ufonatics or alien enthusiasts or anything like that so she is totally not the type of person to make something up for shits and giggles.

Anyways I was looking out the window afterwards trying to see If I can see again what she saw when I noticed this moving object. I’ve seen similair quite a lot tbh but I thought maybe maybe they are satelites.

This one moved fast and zig zagged around, going away, coming back. Ik the video quality is like I recorded it with a toaster but it was just basically the night sky and I tried to zoom in with my samsung. I tried to keep my phone as steady as possible, ofc there is some regular shake as we are not robots but I tried to keep it steady and focused to see if the object is really moving or I am just tired af.

Captured this, what do you guys think is that?

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