I am most bothered by the secrecy of all this. I mean worldwide ALL governments just won’t fess up for such a long time, threatening witnesses, hiding evidence, staging “debunkings” and all that. There must be a hell of a good reason for that I think. My take is that they had contact with aliens or somehow interrogated a crush survivor and were basically told the date of the “big invasion” when humanity will be wiped out from Earth. And maybe it’s not too far ahead. And for the time being, aliens are here to make sure we don’t “spoil” the Earth with our big ass bombs. I can certainly see how that kind of disclosure can “make society collapse” – people would just stop reproducing and basically go nuts.

If I’m right, there is no way they are telling us shit. Never.

And there is no chance for us to reverse engineer their crafts before the invasion it’s ridiculous and aliens know that, it’s like dropping an iPhone in a forest and thinking that monkeys will look at it and reverse engineer it or charge the battery using their best tree.

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