Does anybody know what was going on in the Syracuse/Utica region or NY this morning? From approximately 6:58am-8:09am, I noticed several potential aircraft in the sky that made visible streaks and were moving quite fast. I counted over 16 in that time frame but wasn’t sure what was going on. Are there military or private contractor exercises that anyone is aware of for today, Monday, November 20? Were these drones?

They were tough to make out — I was driving on the NY Thruway when I noticed everything. Some of the aircraft had really bright lights despite the daylight and glare from the sun — the lights were really bright and would seemingly turn on/off.

In fact, literally as I’m writing this, I’m seeing another aircraft pretty visible above Utica (I’ve temporarily stopped driving). Again, the craft is moving pretty fast and the streaks it’s leaving behind are easily seen. Just curious what’s going on as this has been ongoing now for almost an hour and a half.

Anybody living/working in the area know what’s up?

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