I saw the recent statement from Gillibrand and her reliance on AARO, but what the hell is happening? AARO only has Title 10 access and the whole base of Grusch’s claims is that the UAP/NHI crash retrieval programme is illegally hidden, not even accessible with Title 50 clearance. So what the hell is the folly for? She knows AARO won’t have any knowledge about it. I get she helped form AARO, but it’s time to put ego aside and directly investigate the claims of whistleblower, David Grusch.

He testified to the ICIG for 11 hours, giving them all his evidence regarding the UAP/NHI crash retrieval programme. He gave specifics like the people, organisations and contractors involved. He gave them locations of stored NHI UAP and NHI biologics. Congress even wanted to talk to him in a SCIF, after the recent open hearing. This was blocked due to his clearances expiring, but representatives can get around that with a few hoop jumps. Did they manage to have the SCIF with him? If not, when will it take place?

Maybe my US political knowledge is lacking, but I don’t get it. Are they actually performing an active investigation behind closed doors yet? If not, why? The whistleblower testified under oath, gave 11 hours worth of evidence to the ICIG. It’s now Congress’s duty to form a small army of troops, head over to all the locations named by David Grusch and get to the bottom of all his claims. If they’re indeed correct and they see all/most of what he’s stated, to announce this to the public and show us the evidence. Talking the talk is great, but it’s time to walk the walk.

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