As many of you may also do, I check r/ufos at least once or twice a day. Personally I’ve started doing it ever since my own sighting, but it has increased as news of disclosure seems to be trickling out, or more people are starting to speak out.

I come here to see any new photo/video evidence, or any cases or evidence I’ve missed that may have become relevant again. It also seems like Reddit is a place where people speak more freely- and if they have any inside info, it may get posted here. Of course, that then has to be analyzed to determine if it’s just a LARP; but I’m doubtless in the Reddit audience and autist’s abilities to do so.

Basically I keep coming because I want to believe, I want validation for the things I have seen myself, and I don’t want to miss anything big if or when it happens.

This has made me begin to wonder what the first and most likely information platform will be for genuine disclosure or irrefutable, undeniable evidence to be released- intentionally or accidentally. One could argue it’s already happened or begun- but ideally there will be an increase toward more, or an event so impossible to dismiss or debunk that we can safely call it disclosure or undeniable proof.

Here are my mostly likely source candidates from high to low- but please correct me, share your opinions or share sources you think are helpful to follow during this period of increased UAP activity and discussion. I’m not very tech savvy and use the vanilla web for most everything. I’m open to finding new and reliable sources.

1) Reddit and 4chan: whether someone comes to drop inside information, share their sighting or encounter, repost an article or breaking news, or even post a LARP that fine tunes our detective skills, I actually have the most faith in getting early first and secondhand info both here and there.

2) emergency alert systems: phone and radio. They’ve been testing them with more frequency. Why? Nukes or NHI? And if it happens, can you trust that it’s genuine, or part of a plan? One thing is for sure, it will probably be one of our first sources. I’d place presidential announcement just below it.

3) Tik Tok: lots of attention seeking fakers on it, but it’s undeniably a place where people post breaking events as they happen in their area. There’s just so much crap to sift through and ignore. You also have to consider it’s connection to China.

4) Twitter/X: like tiktok it’s the new voice of the people. Or was supposed to be. It’s mostly the same people sharing each others posts, and any news will most likely be a link to something else that said it first.

4) national news: sadly modern news media has been the slowest to respond to increased ufo/uap news. I feel like any disclosure coming from them would be too little too late, be part of a planned, global level ruse, be behind a paywall or be sponsored by Home Depot.

5) Facebook: it’s the worst combination of all the above, and I feel like any news coming through it is so diluted or old you can get it elsewhere first, or it’s like being sent a meme from your aunt.

Where do you think we will get first proof or disclosure?

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