Where the original MH370 Video came from – Private Forum

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All Conspiracy non-sense and debate aside, I can help guide where the MH370 Video originally came from.

Please follow along, this is fact not conspiracy and you can make your own judgement.

Back when the Apollo 18 Movie was released, NASA oddly enough had to come out make some statements debunking it, which was weird because nobody really claimed the movie was real, but there was more to it. The movie was actually used to try and promote disclosure if you dig deep enough, that’s my opinion.

At the end of the original Apollo 18 movie played in theaters, like the very end. There was a frame with a website called Lunar truth.Com. That’s all it said. If you were one of the people that went home and typed this in, it would take you to a website with nothing pretty much and a weird error code thing. BUT, if you spent sometime and clicked around the screen, you would eventually find a hidden link that would take you to a password protected site. Well if you took the password from previous site, put it in this site, you would have gotten into a private forum. Then from there, there was a .Onion link to this forum and if you knew Tor then you would have been able go on the Tor version of this forum using that same password. Then Boom.

This forum was the treasure trove of leaks and information. This is where a ton of videos you see confirmed today were originally leaked.

Well, after the Mh370 incident, this is where the leak of the video you all see today came from. It was almost immediately leaked after the incident.

The best trace I can find to back my claims, is this old Reddit thread of someone who tried to look into it but seems they came up short. They had the right idea but seems they never put the pieces together after getting to the website.

Hopefully someone here can find the old forum. The thing about this forum which I’m positive is around still somewhere today, they did not play around if got in and tried to shill you were immediately kicked out. It was a very serious thread I think made by people in Goverment to discuss with other officials on information they retrieved. I find it super odd the movie producers or anyone made mention of the direction they were leading people.


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