While we’re talking about time travel and the airplane, let’s not forget this case of Swedish UFO’s (allegedly) consistently travelling back in time 575 days.

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I hesitate to extend the discussion on the topic of the mystery plane, but someone mentioned the theory of time travel and I remembered this other post about UFO’s and time travel. I think it is relevant and extremely interesting.

TLDR: Colony of aliens live underground in Sweden and they can teleport ships from underground to the sky and back in time precisely 575 days. A Swedish scientist got caught in the teleport field and was found dead several months previously (while he was still alive). All very timey-wimey.

These Secret Swedish documents were purportedly found in a hidden compartment in 2022 in Sweden by someone that purchased a used desk bureau.

Full Document (in Swedish): https://imgur.com/a/4b8Qgnr

Original discussion here: https://www.flashback.org/t3438169

Original document compared to the FOIA’d document censored by the Swedish Space Agency: https://www.bildtagg.se/uploads/2023/72/1ll6jdrr0e0p6jasu2rztfqw.png

Best english translation by u/August_Halcyon: https://www.reddit.com/r/UFOs/comments/14jxdcj/translated_to_english_top_secret_ufo_documents/

Original Reddit post 1yr ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/UFOs/comments/wqjr30/secret_documents_found_in_a_drawer_about_esrange/

Relevant excerpt:

Hello Per, This letter adorns the cover of a folder in which you will find very important information. It is with great regret that I hand this over. I am merely following orders. I wish I could share this with you without this secrecy. There is something about ESRANGE that very few know about. It is nothing your predecessor has known about. But in your position, decisions may be taken that, in some way, affect our operation. Now it so conveniently happened that you got the assignment. I could never share this with anyone else, so perhaps it is written in the stars. Regardless, it is necessary. You are now, in a way, my boss, but also a close friend. I trust that you know the importance of confidentiality when it comes to this information. If this information leaks out, it would put me and others in great danger. I insist that you burn this letter after reading it. I’ll start from the beginning. Everything you know about my job at ESRANGE is untrue. I do work at ESRANGE, but not with sounding rockets.

ESRANGE and Rymdbolaget serve as a front to hide a colony of creatures from another star system. My job is to research, learn, and replicate their technology. I am part of a small team of 23 people. Would it have been faster with more? Undoubtedly, but the larger the team, the greater the risk of information leakage. The colony has been in place long before ESRANGE existed. As far as we know, they arrived in the fall of 1946 after sending a large number of probes. They had then been traveling for many hundreds of years and studied the uninterrupted development of human technology. They probably never entered orbit but arrived directly with a hyperbolic trajectory and decelerated just above the atmosphere. This was to remain as hidden as possible. But it required sending a large number of probes in advance to find a suitable location prior to arrival. Probes that witnesses in the 1930s and 40s noted but did not realize what it was for something then. We called them ghost fliers and later ghost rockets.

The arrival of the colony itself went completely unnoticed when it happened. Years before the arrival, the number of probes increased significantly, culminating on August 11, 1946, and then subsiding entirely after they landed in the fall of 1946. On this basis, the Armed Forces establish the July 10, 1946, an investigative committee that came to be called “Ghost Rocket Committee”. The official name is The Defense Staff’s Space Projectile Committee. The committee includes representatives from the Defense Staff, the Air Administration, the Air Staff, Defense Research Institute, Defense Radio Institution, and Marine Administration. It was the Defense Staff’s air defense department that was responsible for the collection of reports from the public and the military. The technical analysis was mainly done by personnel from the Air Administration. The committee chair was Colonel Bengt Jacobsson, who was head of the Air Administration’s material department. On July 19, several witnesses reported that probes crashed into four lakes in Norrland. The lakes are investigated by the defense but all they find are craters at the bottom, no wreckage. We believe they landed the probes in lakes intentionally, but more on that later. On July 22, 1946, the Defense Staff urges newspapers, through TT, not to print place names in the notices. The reason is that the general public and foreign powers should not get any information on how space projectiles move across Sweden.

The colony itself is circular and has the shape of a disc with a diameter of 3341m. It has its center in between the mountains Skaitevaara and Pahtavaara within what is called Zone A in the Esrange area. It has a hard hull lying directly against the bedrock with a perfect fit. There are few significant natural cavities between the colony’s hull and the bedrock. Nor are there any passages up to the surface, except for the one we blasted for us to get down. The hull is mostly non-metallic, but there are exceptions. The center part is a 250m wide, slightly elevated (about 1.20m) triangle, on the upper side of the colony, which is covered by a tangle of circular patterns of different sizes and of different metal alloys that give it different colors.

Our tunnels begin with a long tunnel that slopes about 10 degrees down towards the center of the colony. At 450m deep directly above the center of the colony, we first had our “base” with offices, labs, bathrooms, and a break room; we called this base the central. Right below the central, we have hollowed out a cavity between the hull and the rock where we can explore the hull. It is high in the ceiling and came to be called the church. From the church, the tunnels branch out to 12 tunnels around the hull in every direction of different lengths, four of which reach the edges and one goes down a bit under the colony and is meant to follow the entire colony to the center of the underside. But that tunnel has a bit left before it is finished. The absence of passage up was a great mystery to us at first because we could observe their probes roaming the area back and forth. How could they send up and take home these without passage through the bedrock? The answer came after an incident in June 1979 and cost a dear colleague his life (or it happened already in January 1979, or August 1980, depending on how you look at the matter).

It started with my colleague and friend James being found in June by the police, frozen to death, some miles from the base. The strange thing was that he was not dead, not yet. The body they found was dead but my colleague was very much alive and working as usual. But the body was like an exact replica of him (except that it lacked a chip of a front tooth), the same clothes and everything. It even had a copy of our coffee pot from the break room. The police were puzzled because no one was reported missing, and he was not dressed for the wilderness, and definitely not for cold weather. And how did he get out there, there were no roads there? The police didn’t know that it looked like a copy of James, and when no one was reported missing, they buried the body in Jukkasjärvi cemetery with the name “unknown”.

We were also puzzled, and although the whole thing was very creepy and unpleasant, we had no theories about what had happened or rather what was going to happen. We continued working as usual until August 1980 when it happened. We observed a connection between seismographic disturbances and vessels over the Esrange area. But they were shifted by 575 days. That is, if we saw 3 vessels leave the area with 2 days interval, we could register 3 seismic disturbances with 2 days intervals 575 days later. When we found this pattern, we saw our chance to figure out how they sent them up. We noticed early on that they seemed aware of our working hours, and the previous seismic disturbances had taken place when as few of us as possible were on site. That is, they knew we were there and they kept an eye on us. But this time we had an idea of when it would happen next, so we decided to sleep down in the central and be awake when our newfound 575-day rule predicted it.

We had placed measuring instruments all over the accessible parts of the hull, and measured everything from radioactivity to electromagnetism, sound waves, and gravity. All sensors were connected to the central where we sat and monitored everything.

we heard a low-frequency noise from the “church” (the mountain room right under chemistry) even seconds later, there was a bang. And James, who was on his way back from the break room with coffee, was just by the POINT gone.

All that was heard after the bang was something small that fell to the floor. It was a splinter from his front tooth as that was all that was left of him.

But all of a sudden, in silent agreement, we all understood where he was. James was somewhere a few miles northwest of the base in January 1979, without winter clothes, with only a coffee pot in hand… He would be found in the spring of 1979 and buried as unknown at Jukkasjärvi cemetery.

At least we found out how they get their vehicles up. They have the ability to bend space-time. They can “jump” these up about half a mile without having to pass through space, with the side effect that they also jump back 575/days in time. And if you are right above their triangular “antenna” when it happens, you can be dragged through space and time. After this insight, we moved the center. We carved out a hole room further up in the tunnel, so that they are not straight above the triangular part to avoid more incidents of this kind. We also erected a 100m high mast right above the triangle with eleven evenly placed nodes. This mast is thus exactly above the colony’s center.

How does their probes work? Why do they always land in lakes? And how could they escape that someone found parts of them for so long, and why could we find it in New Mexico? It has to do with the alloy they are made of. We have named it Alkali but also call it Interstellit (a working name that stuck) Interstellit is an alloy of group 1 and 2 metals in the periodic table (alkali metals, hence the name Alkali) and reacts very strongly with water. However, they can actively prevent it from reacting, presumably by coating the probe’s hull with a high voltage.

This has the advantage that if a probe stops working and crashes somewhere on the ground, it lies there only until the first rain shower passes by and erases all traces. It also seems to be why they prefer to land the probes in lakes at the end of their missions. They react with water and all traces are erased.

Now you know, along with the documents accompanying this folder, all you need to know. More than this, I do not know. In your future decisions in the service, this information will come in handy for you. I hope we can see each other soon again, it was too long since last time.

Your friend, Karl


Edit: Another post with additional research/context/corroborating articles regarding Sweden’s “ghost rockets”: https://www.reddit.com/r/UFOs/comments/14ljdaz/supposed_classified_swedish_ufo_documents_that

Edit 2: accidentally left off the ending of the story, added a few more paragraphs.

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