This subject is both the most interesting and most dreadful. If we all have been had and this is just a long elaborate disinformation thing I would be surprised. I would feel better though. I would feel like some weight had been lifted off my back.

I truly don’t understand how so many people can claim that something exist but never even attempt to prove it. Why didn’t someone grab a tissue sample or any form of proof during Roswell.? Not one piece of that craft that was pocketed and mailed to a science lab. Marcel allegedly brought a bunch of pieces home and spread the pieces in the floor for his family to see. Why didn’t he bury a piece for science out side of the military.

Haim eshen was the father of the Israeli space program and made claims so outrageous and that was it. Nothing else from Haim. Why don’t these people care if their word is considered truth? If he knows all that then he could have gotten a hair or something from a alien for science to study. He didn’t even follow up. Just a book with nothing in it that would lead someone to believe his story.

Garry Nolan tells us aliens 💯 exist on earth. He has drawn his conclusions from the scientific method his entire career. Why now does he not have scientific evidence for us?He tells us about a sighting he had as a kid lol. Excuse me but I don’t want to hear another UFO sighting story. I have my own sighting that was the best that probably ever happened and it doesn’t mean shit because I didn’t get video. Give us a peer reviewed scientific paper and DNA evidence or stay silent about it until you do. I

I would say forget the entire subject if it wasn’t for the one man who came with verifiable information. Names and locations! That is why these times are special. We actually have a man that actually came with a plan . Whether or not these locations and names will be investigated is another story. Give the man his right to be seen as a man of his word. Give us our answer and call it a fkn day.

Just a few examples of people and their place in the subject right now. Just a vent

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