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After the recent NASA hearing, I realised a potentially massive problem with disclosure – they can nearly always justify saying ‘we don’t have sufficient evidence that it’s not private tech / another country’s tech’, or as they’ve been doing, ‘we don’t have (sufficient) evidence that it’s extra terrestrial in nature’.

In a nutshell, unless it’s literally a matter of aliens landing and stepping out of the craft, or they have evidence of materials that cannot possibly be made on earth, they will always just keep deferring to the possibility that it’s man made. Here’s how they justify saying this:

Secrecy Quandary: Advanced technologies are often cloaked in secrecy, whether from other countries or private firms. In a world where information equates to power, true transparency and collaboration is not being achieved, making it nearly impossible to dismiss terrestrial explanations for UFOs (even if they seem to defy current physics).

High Bar for Extraterrestrial Evidence: Given the challenges of secrecy, the criteria for labeling UFOs as extraterrestrial are set remarkably high. Organizations like NASA demand compelling evidence. Anything short of undeniable proof wouldn’t be enough.

Unyielding Skepticism: Science thrives on skepticism. Claims of extraterrestrial origins for UFOs would need to endure rigorous scrutiny and meet stringent standards of evidence. Given the above, this just cannot be done.

Interested to hear your thoughts on this – let me know.

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