Why Haven’t They Retrieved Their Crashed Vehicles?

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While thinking about the Malaysian airline story a question crossed my mind. If NHI can capture a whole plane why didn’t they retrieve their crafts that we posses. Some of them have been here for ages according to Ross so they could have picked them up in the past and we wouldn’t even notice.

I got few different theories and I am curious on what do you think the real answer is. So let me know what do you think?

Here is the list of my hypothesis:

Knowledge Transfer Hypothesis: It’s possible that these UFO crashes are part of an intentional effort by advanced civilizations to share knowledge with us. By leaving behind technology for us to examine, they could be offering us a chance to learn and progress. This approach could be seen as a form of cosmic mentorship, fostering development while respecting our journey.

Universal Stewardship Agreement: Imagine if there’s a universal agreement that designates crashed objects on a planetary surface as belonging to the inhabitants of that world. Just like we respect cultural heritage sites, aliens might follow a code of non-interference with the development of other civilizations. This approach could be a form of respecting the autonomy of evolving species.

Prime Directive Analogous Behavior: Inspired by science fiction, perhaps advanced extraterrestrial beings adhere to a “Prime Directive” similar to the concept in Star Trek. This guideline would prohibit direct interference with less advanced civilizations, thereby preventing them from landing on Earth. The UFOs might be designed to self-destruct or be rendered inoperable to avoid unintended interactions.

Exploration by Lesser-Evolved Species: In line with your thought, it’s plausible that some UFOs are operated by amateur or less technologically advanced species. Just as our rovers on Mars have limitations, crashed UFOs might belong to extraterrestrial societies that lack the resources or capability to retrieve them. This could be due to a variety of factors, including their society’s stage of development.

Mysterious Cosmic Phenomena: There could be cosmic anomalies or phenomena that interfere with extraterrestrial technology upon entering Earth’s atmosphere. These anomalies might lead to unintentional crashes or malfunctions that prevent recovery attempts. Such occurrences could be beyond the control of advanced civilizations.

Extraterrestrial Relics for Future Generations: Instead of directly engaging with us, perhaps these crashed UFOs are meant to be unearthed by future generations. This could be a way for aliens to communicate with us indirectly, providing a legacy of their existence and knowledge for us to decipher over time.

I think, the reasons behind unrecovered crashed UFOs remain speculative, and we can only speculate about the motivations and constraints of potential extraterrestrial civilizations, at least for now.

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