Why would Intelligence Agencies or other authorities build up elaborate hoaxes?

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i hope this is not too off-topic, i think the community here is the right for this discussion. Also, i am not native english speaker (i am from Germany…).

With the latest development and the ongoing back and forth between sceptics and… how to say… non-sceptics, believers (?), one question comes to my mind that i only have one answer from personal point of views and experiences. And i would be interested to hear some answers or thoughts from other people, from other places, from other perspectives.

If sceptics would be right, and we are dealing with hoaxes, who has an interest in setting up elaborate hoaxes? Who is gaining profit or benefit from setting up elaborate hoaxes about ufos (or also other themes, to some degree reaching out towards the “oldschool” conspiracies…)?

If an intelligence agency would build a universe of false facts to feed the people, that actually bring the agency themself into the accused position, what higher cause would they reach, and what are possible mechanisms behind it?

when i was younger, living in Berlin and seeing many young “good thinkers and questioning people” cope with the weird reality they had to survive in by diving into drug abuse, and i saw over time how well the drug abuse system works, which in a structured and tightly organized country like Germany has to mean that authorities let it pass to some degree… this lead me to a conclusion that i can also apply in the case of ufo hoaxes, i hope you can follow.

so the one reason i can find that could fit in both cases is, that especially those people, that have whatever good reasons to question authorities, the system, people that have the ability to think critical in a way that would be dangerous for the complete authority structure, people that are eager to look behind the curtains, need to be fed with something that renders them undangerous, gives them a hook to hang in society, takes away their ability to group up, takes away their time, physical and psychological power and draws it towards something controllable, so that the higher cause, the profitable capitalistic system stays intact by any means.

this was my conclusion seeing the perfectly working drug system in a highly developed country when i was younger. and now when i think of why an agency would spend time to draw critical people in a ufo loophole, this conclusion is applicable too (for my pov).

what do you think? please feel free to critique my string of thoughts and i would love to hear some other opinions.

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