Would Biden Be Arrested if He Disclosed UAP/NHI tomorrow?

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I was a skeptic, and still am to an extent, until David Grusch’s interview. I’d say ontological shock is an appropriate phrase of where I am now. But I can’t understand why, if Biden supports disclosure, he hasn’t already held the press conference. Hillary was going to do it years ago. I feel like the real battle is over knowledge, power and purse strings. And that comes at the expense of public disclosure.

I think there appears to be a straightforward path, right now, with current events, that Biden and co could use as a framework for disclosure. There is Elgin AFB, the Feb 2023 Alaska Shootdown, Graves’ incident, Fravor’s incident. Shoot, even the 1952 Washington DC invasion could work. Or the Japan airlines in Alaska, or the red cube at vandenburg. My point is all of these could be discussed, in detail, without divulging any national security secrets. Fake example: the Elgin pilots were flying a training mission when radar picked up x amount of anomalies. They were seen traveling at this speed, at this altitude. We noticed these flight characteristics. Human technology is not capable of doing these things. This is what it looked like. This is the pilot’s testimony of what they saw not shown. Etc. we don’t have to hear about the f-22 using a secret new experimental missile, or the f-22 flight characteristics, capabilities etc. it would completely bypass legacy programs, reverse engineering and fraud.

To me AARO seems like an attempt to shift the people who hold the power, knowledge and purse strings. In essence a distraction. It has an all star cast building it like Mellon, elizondo, Schumer, etc. so I cannot wait to eat my shorts when I’m proven wrong. But in 1992 Congress passed legislation to release all JFK files and here it is 2023 and it still hasn’t happened. Trump and Biden both continued to delay the releases of files so that doesn’t give me hope for UAP (unless they’re related). Public knowledge doesn’t seem to be the main priority. In fact, I made the example above, because my thought is that if AARO were to pass and implement as intended, I would expect the AARO review board to release a report almost exactly like my Elgin AFB example above.

US policy has always been diplomacy first. I see that AARO is also intended to fix the fraud, abuse and other illegal stuff going on. And ultimately I see it as a form of diplomacy. Few if any will go to jail or be prosecuted. We will probably throw more money at their programs. Should be a net benefit for sure. But really, if Biden disclosed tomorrow I don’t think it would hurt AARO, legacy programs, or the MIC. So would Biden be arrested or somehow be in trouble if he did it tomorrow? If no, then should we shift our attention o Biden and flood the White House with letters as well?

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