Top secret UK-US military base: Diego Garcia Diego Garcia Military is involved in storage and logistics of highly classified uap/nhi Special Access Programs (SAPs) related cargo.

Located in the remote British Indian Ocean Territory resides a highly fortified and one of the world’s most protected military bases, surpassing even the stringent security clearances upheld at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Diego Garcia, its name known to only a select few, imposes strict regulations governing entry, necessitating meticulous area clearance supervised by the ever-present U.S. Navy Support Facility. Merely those classified as DoD civilian personnel, unaccompanied military personnel, and authorized contractors are granted the privilege to set foot on this secluded island. In contrast to the US military base in Guam, the spouses of personnel are not permitted on Diego Garcia, and no journalist has been granted access to the location.

In 1966, the UK leased the US the remote, 17-square-mile Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia. Notably, the original inhabitants of Diego Garcia underwent a harrowing ordeal, as they were forcibly displaced and resettled to other islands within the Chagos Archipelago, Mauritius, or Seychelles by 1971. This tragic episode remains part of the island’s history. British illegally gained possession of the island in 1965.

The strategic importance of its location enables the United States to project its military power in multiple directions: northwest into the Middle East and South Asia, east into Asia, or west into Africa.

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