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“I set her up,” Rep. Burchett gushes after UAP Caucus tag teams Energy Sec. Granholm on UFOs

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Apocalypse now, and always: On UFOs, AI and encounters with non-human intelligence

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“Some Thoughts on Keeping It Secret” — archival dead website on UFOs — find by Richard Geldreich.

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UFOs flying around nuclear weapons “shutting them down”, what exactly does this mean?

​ This is something I’ve heard stated many times. There’s been situations where UFO flew around some nuclear silo or…

GOP lawmaker on Feds, UFOs: ‘Give us the information. Let us decide’ – The Hill

GOP lawmaker on Feds, UFOs: ‘Give us the information. Let us decide’  The Hill Read More 

Illinois UFOs

​ need help identifying ufos in illinois. looked like 50 all in a line going up and they all slowly…

A UFO cured me… UFOs and Mushrooms

​ *Re-posted to conform with the rules of the sub-reddit Hello all, I’d like to tell you about my experience…

New Interview w Diana Pasulka in Salon Magazine: “Apocalypse Now and Always: On UFOs, AI and Encounters with Non-Human Intelligence”

​ No new information, but it’s still encouraging to see that this topic continues to gain traction in MSM. “Apocalypse…

Template to Congress: Public Safety and UFOs submitted by MartianMaterial

Dear [Congressperson’s Name], I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the threat that UFOs pose to public safety,…

Given that Scientology is based on an elaborate doctrine involving historical alien activity on Earth, do you think Scientologists are playing a disproportionate role in UFO-related discussions in popular culture and in the study of UFOs?

​ If you’re unfamiliar with Scientology’s doctrine on aliens, you can read about it here: Summary: Scientology’s doctrine on…

Infographic video attempts to prove UFOs encountered by the Military

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DARPA or Alien Underwater UFOs are Interfering w/ Nuclear Warheads | Darcy Weir

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Who is Tonya P. Wilkerson, and what does it have to do with UFOs?

​ President Biden has nominated Tonya P. Wilkerson to be the highest-ranking intelligence official in the Department of Defense —…