About this reporting tool

The operator of this website is /u/martianmaterial on Reddit.

I am one of the top contributors to Reddit’s /r/ufos my name is Roger.
I am also the founder of the Disclosure Party
This site keeps track of UFO / UAP News.

For example, there is a Reddit UFO Real Time Watcher located here, showing all the most recent, popular and rising news regarding UFOs, all on the same page.

All content that this site finds it keeps in shorthand as an RSS feed, which you can use for your applications.

This is the current feed from the site, located at https://www.martianmaterial.com/feed/


But unlike Reddit where I can control what I post, This site is not curated by myself directly.

It is driven by an AI that is still learning. You know how smart and dumb AI can be.

So unless the article comes from me , trust it as a computers best guess.

And sometimes it guesses badly.

The purpose of this site is not just to learn more about UFOlogy, but also to build other applications.

The RSS Feed is for you to use with any application.

It automatically finds content related to UFOs from a wide range of sources that typically provides good information.

Again, the AI is still learning, expect mistakes but overall, it’s doing a good enough job to test it more.