Orange Orb UFOs / UAPs

Multiple Radar Confirms, 2 Airports and a military base , and a oldschool iphone 4

Multiple Radar Confirms, 2 Airports and a military base , and a oldschool iphone 4.

Sighting actually took place on the 19th and was reported on Mufon on the 20th. At least that’s how my foggy memory served me. Later informed everything was reported correctly , typo in the letter Mufon meant to say “reported on”.

Whatever it was it stayed directly over the house for at least 15 – 20 minutes before start filming the time between the two videos is about two or three minutes . I was reading Reddit /r/technology when the stupid thing flew past / above my window enough with some weird flashlight aimed right at me.

I ran outside .. It was never much under 200 feet . I thought it was a drone at first .

But there was no sound. Took the first video, ran back inside and told my son to look at this, then him and I both ran out for video 2.

The bright double ring structure is also viewable in person. I was so happy my old school iphone4 was able to capture it.

These could be poorly debunked as “artifacts of the camera” without any background knowledge. But in person to myself and the other witnesses, the double ring was clearly visible to the naked eye. No camera needed to see the double ring. 3 people verified the double ring structure before the first photo or video was taken.

I have two other witnesses .. And a couple other still photos I could get from my sons phone .. But considering my 11 year old of that film you’ll get pretty bad shots.. (they were terrible, he didn’t bother focus or anything just blank shot. Mufon took his photos as well, but agreed they were only good because his “fuzzy dot” confirms indeed another device recorded it was there.)

Oddly in video #2 you’ll see that the Orb actually responds to my then 11 year old son when he mistakenly uses the flash rather than Video on his phone.

Honestly, I was at this point very confused.

I’m looking at something that the government promised me does not exist.
Yet, there it is. Why are they lying?

The neighbor down the street had her phone but she said it’s too dark… she could see it with her eyes but the camera wasn’t displaying it properly. When I looked at her photos, they were indeed effectively blank. Her phone was an old school flip phone. Like I think it took bad photos in broad daylight as well.

Disappeared upwards in the clouds rapidly . It was very overcast, and I only noticed it by a bright beamed light.

I would call it a high intensity flashlight.

Results came back with Multiple Radar Confirms, 2 Airports and a military base all saw the object on their screens.

Lehigh Valley Airport, Reading, Pa Airport and Fort Indian Town Gap Military base. This was conveyed to me a few weeks by phone after the letter.

Good luck getting anything regarding this without a Freedom of Information Act request.

Evidently the second Fort Indiantown Gap filed paperwork everything got so classified that Mufon had to tell me verbally about the radar confirms and can’t put it on paper.

This is why my case has been under investigation since 2016 and likely will never be “solved”.

Maybe in the future it won’t be classified and people can see the story, among the millions of others that have seen these objects with no help from officials.

This sighting was speculated part of a Search Pattern over Central Pennsylvania Along the mountain range in Pennsylvania that Fort Indian Town Gap is located.

I think it was looking for Nuclear Weapons at Fort Indian Town Gap.

It’s just a hunch, but an educated one.

The guys at Fort Indian Town Gap could confirm if they were hosting nuclear weapons at that time in 2016.

The reason is at the elevation it was seen, it has a clear line of sight to Fort Indian Town Gap. You’ll notice that the slope of the Mountain where the Military Base is located is facing the UFO. So likely it was looking for a perfect observation post of the facility.

When worked with Google Earth, you’ll find that when it reached about line of sight, it turned right (southwest) direct bee line to Fort Indian Town Gap. About a minute later it decided to take offs up.. according to the call with Mufon, it was last recorded at the radar ceiling of ~80,000 feet. Also this is the last of heard of the thing.

Gone, as is Gone when it shot up, 200 feet to 80,000 feet in under a second. Clearly one of the five observables.

Time doesn’t matter for these things, nor does the laws of physics or aerodynamics. They are living is a differing reality when those motors are on.

These things are Fascinating, but also a little scary due to their sheer technological level.

I am not saying they are hostile, I’m just saying that I believe if they wanted to go hostile there is nothing we could do about it.

What are the Orange Orbs ?

You’re probably here because you saw one.

I’ll tell you what I know.

Based on the reports I have received, what I was told from Mufon, and my personal experience on my encounter with it regarding maneuverability and capability.

NO ONE KNOWS WHO IS BEHIND THE WHEEL and if you read large numbers of reports you’ll start to see some odd patterns implying 2-3 or more versions of these Orange Glowing Orbs. Like how a drone could be outfitted with differing payloads.

I only know it can move fast, like blink of an eye disappear fast, and scan quickly and focus light into a beam.

The only real conclusion left are that these objects are effectively drones with an extremely wide scale of sensors and payload.

They have both active and passive, this is inferred by the fact that I got beamed in the face , so I know they have some sort of active sensor.

Any Active sensors can “laser the target”. Not much different than how modern-day lasers are used to precisely acquire a Target from a drone so a third party could take action such as an attack helicopter or missile.

The third party just has to see where the beam in pointing.

Any active focused beam like could offer the same effect as pointing a laser on the ground when your pet is in the room. It could be designed to just attract attention from even others.

I have no information on who is actually making this thing, nor flying it.

I decided to open up the old files, and see what I could do with more modern video enhancement to REMOVE THE SCATTER in the 2016 sighting with 2023 technology.

This is just the max zoom of the initial image that would make any sense.

Resolution goes down big because of the zoom and the colors adjustment. The “fuzzy halo” was toned down. This was when I spent about 20 hours with color filters on my photo doing refinement to bring out what seemed the clearest to me.

When the fuzziness is removed, you end up with that above. it clearly has a structure that are clearly defined. I toned it more red to show the structure.

For lack of a better description each protrusion looks like a “hammer facing another hammer” however, I could also describe it as a traditional saucer, facing from the top down. From that perspective, even the “portholes” are visible as well as the “gravity waveguide” at the top.

When viewing this with the naked eye, it’s a orange orb, if I was happening to be wearing welders goggles it would have looked like above as it would have removed much of the glow so you can see the structure.

I had to see it for myself. So the Above image is Pre-AI. I saw a structure, It was pretty clear to me what the structure was. But now I knew more about it’s rough structure, I decided to run that ultra zoomed, ultra low res manual adjustment to an AI to see what it could do better than what I already was able to achieve. Clearly there’s something to see there with just the human eye manual filters.

Enlarged 8 times, AI Enlarged Below.

Below is Enlarged to 720p, enlarged by AI.

Below is Enlarged to 1080p via AI.

We really need disclosure.

It’s not fair that private citizens are punished for observing a UFO.

It’s not fair that we have had 100 years of disinformation targeting us.

Not fair at all.

Rotated Left, Right, Inverted




We need disclosure.

I am one of the top contributors at Reddit’s /r/ufos and founder of the Disclosure Party.

The reason I am both is because of this sighting.

We really need full disclosure.

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