Louie and Jason Interview Leslie Kean

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Liberation Times: New Documentation Reveals Significant Flaws In U.S. Government’s UFO Investigation

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New Impssible Drive

00 ​ https://thedebrief.org/nasa-veterans-propellantless-propulsion-drive-that-physics-says-shouldnt-work-just-produced-enough-thrust-to-defeat-earths-gravity/ Submission Statement: The Debrief article about some new drive technology that is supposed to be “impossible” mass…

I don’t believe the Kona Blue narrative. I think it is the classic case of the magician drawing your attention to one hand, so you don’t focus on the other.

00 ​ So recently this Kona Blue supposed crash retrieval program was declassified as part of a continuing process of…

Suspected UFO

00 ​ Saw a suspected ufo over Dombivli India on April 18 2024 at 7:23 pm submitted by /u/Successful_Way_3099 [link]…

Joe Rogan Tucker Carlson interview.

00 ​ Tucker Carlson starts off with a bang! Talks about getting Kona blue from a government agent. He also…

Response from Senator Josh Hawley – Missouri

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Meet the two UFO hunters chasing lights across Australia | AWW

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Can we start making a comprehensive list of disappearing plot threads?

00  Read More  Tinfoil hat says these things that get popularity and vanish may have things to them – the…

Cosmic Strategies: Game Theory, UFOs, and Self-Replicating Robots

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3 Kings: 3 of the gatekeepers known to the UFO community now

00 ​ After the Condorman revelation this morning that two people in the administration, namely J Sullivan and L Austin,…

Kirkpatrick set Signal messages to “Disappear” while messaging with Chris Mellon

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Bad Blood: Kirkpatrick and Grusch in 2015

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Chris Bledsoe Prediction

00 ​ Well I posted this a few weeks ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/UFOs/comments/1btg1jm/chris_bledsoe_prediction_has_come_true/ In it I made the point that Israel did…

Defense community ‘arrogant’ for not sharing UAP info: Burchett submitted by MartianMaterial

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Starlink satellites or UFOs?

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Beginner: How to get started to learn about UFOs, Aliens and recent news/progress by governments?

00 ​ So I want to learn about the different phenomenons, evidences, government programs, the current progress of governments, etc….

Google Maps UFO(?) – Look up the sky in streetview

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The Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: 10 Years Later (Part 1) – Yahoo! Voices

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Biologics and consciousness

00 ​ Hearing about Kona Blue reminded me of my favorite post on here about the conscious connection with UFOs….

That UFO Pocast with guests Kelly Chase & Jay.C King – Ontocalypse

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My friend recorded this while fishing with me on the river over a year and a half ago.

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I do not know if this has been posted before.

00 ​ Does anyone have ideas, i am not an expert, but the moisture level is quite high, so we…

Highspeed objects

00 ​ Some screenshots from the footage i made. Captured in Greece in April 2023. Sometimes multiple objects per frame….

Interesting observation

00  Read More  So this is the accounts from a close friend and former roommate. He is a 30yo mechanical…

UAP Revelations / Haunting of Ashmore Estates – Coast To Coast AM

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Christopher Mellon & Leslie Kean | Inquiry Into Anomalous Experiences & The Phenomenon (12/3/2022)

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Christopher Mellon & Leslie Kean | Inquiry Into Anomalous Experiences & The Phenomenon (12/3/2022)

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Template for Congress, oversight and transparency

00 Dear [Congressperson’s Name], I am writing to you today as a concerned citizen, deeply troubled by the persistent lack…

Travis and Timothy Taylor

00 ​ These two names keep appearing to me everywhere. The more I read and see the more synonymous they…

Ufo shapeshifts Dayton, Ohio

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Best explanation I’ve heard from an abductee.

00 ​ We keep hearing that the public can’t handle the truth. This ladies theory resonates with me for a…

UAP over Iran

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Can’t believe I am saying this

00  Read More  I am starting to believe that Danny Sheehan is probably the best bet for disclosure. I mean…

What was the Kona Blue program, and does it mean UFOs exist? – NewsNation Now

00 What was the Kona Blue program, and does it mean UFOs exist?  NewsNation Now Read More 

New controversial testimonies from the Varginha Case

00 ​ In principle, there are two reports from two people about the same event that do not completely match….

The Kona Blue program, A government ufo retrieval/reverse engineering program that was never used.

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