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“Dear Valiberghi,

It was observed in the morning. It was a metallic disc, polished and reflecting light, with a length of ten or twelve meters. Two fighter aircraft from a nearby air force base took off, but were not able to reach it even traveling at 130 Km/h. It didn’t emit any sound, which would lead one to consider an aerostat (balloon). But nobody knows of balloons that can fly faster than the wind. I know for sure that it was seen by other pilots.

Then, after approximately an hour after flying over Mestre, it was seen as a sort of metallic tube, grey or slate in colour like a kind of aerial torpedo, with very clear windows and alternating white and red lights. Followed by two ‘hats’, like those used by priests. They were wide, round with a dome in the center, metallic and followed the torpedo without changing their relative positions. The Prefecture has opened an inquiry, but you can imagine that it will make little inroads and have a similar outcome to that of 1931. The Duce has expressed his worries, because he says that if it was an English or French aircraft, his foreign policy would have to start all over again.”

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