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Bob Oechsler was a NASA Mission specialist in the 80s and 90s who has since passed away.

He makes several interesting comments and claims in these 2 videos. Obviously I don’t know the legitimacy of these claims, but interesting nonetheless.

He said something to the effect of, “While these NHI may be more technologically advanced than us, humans seem to be more advanced in civility. While we have compassion for fellow man, that doesn’t seem to be the case with NHI.” (More on that below)

Pretty scary if true because alot of humans aren’t that civil.

Bob also states that he was brought in for his expertise and seen these crafts in person. He says, “Some of these crafts hadn’t crashed and were presumably gifted for 1 reason or another.”

He also said that Admiral Bobby Ray Inram had told Bob that captured Greys were “forced against their will” to perform tasks and experiments on humans by another NHI.

(He also has a voice-mail recording of someone from Bobby Ray Inrams office basically saying, “Do not mention Admiral Bobby Ray Inram again.” hang-up click.)

In some sense, this tracks with the NHI lore. We never hear stories about finding Mantids, Tall whites, tall Greys, etc in a crash. We also never hear about Greys being rescued or retrieved after a crash.

Perhaps it’s because if Mantids, etc exist, they’re up in a much more sophisticated craft, while the small Greys are not valued and the crafts shot down are getting the dangerous assignments. Or they’re not “alive” at all. A biological AI of sorts, but that’s a whole another tangent.

Bob Oechsler also states that a high-level Canadian Official had a face to face meeting with 1 NHI. And displays a video of a UAP landing for this “meeting.”

Video 2 (Timestamp 11:15) – He makes a disturbing claim or hints at the idea that NHI are targeting/related a specific nationality group. “Indictable to a specific species of human.”

What the hell does that mean? I thought the whole Nazi UFO lore stuff is BS, but I wonder if that’s what he was referring too.

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