By way of qualification here I preface this with a simple fact: 48 hours ago I sent the bones of this “article” to a highly prominent journalist and commentator active in the UFO Community – I’m not going to reveal who but it wasn’t Steven Greenstreet, to save you the inquiry. Simply, what was put to them, was a series of questions which I proceed to answer myself and which ended with one last question only that person could answer…

24 hours later, apropos to nothing else directly, I received a DM from a burner account. The message had no subject line and contained no text – just this one symbol:


And so boys and girls, if you’re sitting comfortably…

From the earliest days, there have always been whistleblowers inside the US Military when it comes to UFO’s. The USAF never was equipped to deal with UFO crashes, Jesse Marcel being but the first of many to break silence on the matter, however – even back in ’47 – the whole subject was already enormously compartmentalized.

Roswell wasn’t the first UFO crash, the original happened in Italy back in 1933. By the time Roswell rolled around the US was already in possession of a retrieved, advanced space vehicle and their existed plenty of credible anecdotal as well as documented evidence coming from serving military personnel supporting the fact these craft exist and can outperform anything else in the sky throughout wartime and continuing well in peace.

Unfortunately, as we all know, our view of UFO’s and that of the Military differ considerably…

What Roswell established as far as the Military were concerned was that, when it comes to these things – even the most reliable of officer isn’t beyond disclosing information to the public about things the Government hadn’t even begun understanding, let alone could allow information concerning them to fall into the public domain emanating from serving officers.

That, the outside world always did sit up and pay attention too.

The Kenneth Arnold sightings were one thing, the press and civilian hysteria that followed, another – all that could be kept in the realm of speculation. But US Military personnel giving testimony…

Two things very shortly, first during Roswell and then not long after, followed. An internal policy rapidly took hold, emanating from the top down, that of shutting down and discouraging military personnel reporting anything “unusual”: there’s credible evidence supporting the fact, a good deal of what both is these days and was back in the day really did involve US advanced inventory it was of paramount importance the existence of was kept absolutely secret along with genuine sightings of actual off-world vehicles.

Make no bones about this: the US Government and Military has always known about advanced off-world craft, by the end of the 1940’s the US (thanks in no small part to Winston Churchill) possessed at least 4 and, very early in the following decade, the possession of and research into these vehicles was passed to the private sector, better equipped to analyze and understand these things from an engineering and technological perspective.

By the 70’s all US extra-planetary assets were routinely placed into the possession of these highly classified, secured special access programs fronted by private sector companies already on the US pay-roll.

What never changed however was peoples need to talk this stuff out….

* * * *

And so it became the 21st century and, over decades, the military had seen more than its share of retired officers disclosing pertinent facts concerning what they knew about classified UFO programs. Despite a culture of deterrence, service men and (now) women still kept seeing things they couldn’t adequately understand or explain and when stymied doing the thing officially, talk is what spread.

Half a century of study had started paying off in certain military applications the US Government stringently deny exist – we could go into the why’s and wherefore of that back and forth for another half a decade to come: that’s generally how the thing has always been kept on the fringe.

Nobody knows anything for sure about anything: in lue of factual evidence, belief inevitably drives discussion back and forth, round and round – and it’s kept that way. We’re not looking at massive, intricate state sponsored conspiracies – people actually generate a lot of this spook stuff themselves, that helps further muddy the waters and keep the pot forever troubled.

By the early 2000’s though it’s fair to say complacency and an incredible degree of hubris had allowed the US Military to convince itself it’s secrets were safe – dismissing service personnel reports of the unusual at the root and where persistent, seeing to it career prospects suddenly weren’t as promising as had otherwise been hoped. Large organizations have a quiet way of sidelining problems.

Everything was considered in control.

Then Luis Elizondo arrived. Starting out with the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Elizondo was charged with the task – not of investigating UAP’s (as by then the jargon for them had become) but investigating UAP reports coming from those serving inside the Military.

Elizondo never was interested in the UAP’s themselves – he was interested in the fact the people who were making these reports were inadvertently leaking information concerning supposedly highly classified areas of US interest.

Elizondo’s approach was deliberately set up to be a one man show largely existing off-book – he played the part of the underdog, official non-co-operation with (by what became) AATIP was (behind the scenes) considered paramount and always officially maintained: Elizondo wanted to appear a fellow serviceman championing a cause the senior brass clearly wanted all knowledge off crushed.

His stock in trade was the line I’m one of you. I believe you. I believe in you. I think what you’re doing takes true courage, etc…

He listened, he didn’t judge – he presented a case of stoic camaraderie and understanding with cases he followed up on, rapidly coming to realise UAP’s were no secret whatsoever among the rank and file.

All the Military’s decades long “unofficial” policy of shutting down UFO reporting had in fact accomplished was isolate senior command from rank-and-file interaction and instill an entirely false sense of security regarding the general degree of knowledge concerning America’s possession of considerably advanced technologies emanating from off-world.

More, as word spread about how Elizondo could be trusted to be sympathetic to talk to – closer in towards these allegedly compartmentalized programs people aware of their existence started to approach and very rapidly a picture began to emerge concerning how highly unsecure these SAP’s in practice have become.

* * * *

At this point you need to put aside whatever it is you think you know about the past 5 years and certainly regarding the US Congressional Hearings into UAP’s – because, since you’re reading this – you’re only primary interest has only ever been what this process is going to publicly uncover about the Governments actual knowledge of UAP’s – and it’s not entirely your fault you view it that way, after all – it’s been sold to you exclusively on the terms of “Disclosure” ….

But what it’s all essentially been in reality is simply a honey-trap.

In order to convince Congress that the Defense Department’s backstage requests for massive funding and sweeping powers are necessary to deal with the security issues surrounding the US’s special access programs – Congress first had to be made aware of how profound the security problems concerning these things actually are.

For that they needed amnesty and an environment potential whistleblowers could feel safe coming forward to testify in: hence the Whistleblower legislation passed – Congresses actual interest, like those of Lue Elizondo who orchestrated this process – never was about UAP’s themselves it was about establishing who both around and inside these programs was prepared to come forward and actually talk.

You have to bear in mind here, for every Whistleblower coming forward out of their own sense of conscientious duty still with enough faith in the establishment to play by the rules – there’s a dozen or more far less conscientious perfectly prepared to talk to the right competing economic power for the right price – assuming they aren’t talking already.

Elizondo played something of a masterful game – by “coming out” to the UFO Community he’s established connections with media figures who, in their turn have kept the community up-to-date with what they’ve been made privy too and Elizondo himself has always maintained an exemplary effort by sticking within the rules concerning what he knows and the access he’s read-in on by way of example of how honorable service people should comport themselves publicly about this subject.

By keeping the UFO community aware and engaged, that’s helped put pressure on Congress to act in favour of what the Defense Department has actually wanted all along:

First Congressional Hearings, then Whistleblower Protection legislation drawing Whistleblower forth and, finally, The Schumer Amendment.

There’s no way for the Pentagon to close down the existing SAP’s without paying the companies concerned off – preferably in cash. Billions in undisclosed spending passing as eminent domain transaction on paper.

Ever since the Bush administration (Jr, not Senior) eminent domain was converted into internal shorthand for cash-only compensation for Federal Government seizures. There’s no paperwork itemizing what’s been seized, other than the seizure was legally undertaken, upheld by necessary legislation.

The Schumer Amendment didn’t just materialize over Congresses public performance of frustration over the Defense Departments apparent lack of co-operation with the UAP transparency process – they actually have not just been co-operating – this whole thing (the UAP Transparency Hearings and Whistleblower Protection Act) was at their insistence.

It was the only way to get the legislation necessary to deal with their current security problems emanating from inside the SAP’s publicly passed without the media and general public taking any kind of serious interest.

Schumer amounts to a massive pay-off and return to US Federal Government control via the Defense Department of all items, inventory, data and research that has been undertaken, is known about and the whistleblowers who have come forward are prepared to testify about.

Everyone’s been played, even Congress to a large extent.

If you are a Whistleblower and you are reading this – whatever tit’s-up contingency you put in place, implement it.

This whole thing was simply an in-house review of security and way of procuring resolution granting sufficient agency to fix the problems disclosed, for the next half century at least.

After which it becomes someone else’s problem.

– * * * *

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