I’m sure I will be called a glowie for this, so just to preface I have been actively following this topic for years and have been engaging in this community for many of them. You can check my recent post history.

With that being said, why, at the height of congressional interest in this topic with many credible sources of information and testimony, are UFO communities all of a sudden obsessed with a possibly fake airplane video that’s been circulating for literal years at this point?

Countless threads have had this video posted in it on not only this subreddit but /x/ and other areas of the internet for a very long time at this point. It has never garnered this much wide-scale attention at any point previous.

So my question is this. Why, at the critical moment of this topic reaching a new height of credibility, are these unreliable videos being posted and analysed incessantly? When it has never caused such interest in the past? It’s more than a little convenient that as this topic and this community are gaining traction, the discussion gets derailed by videos that we cannot and will not be able to conclusively prove one way or the other.

I’m not even saying it’s fake. But because we can’t even tell if it *is* fake, then how are we now calling this the “MH370 video” and roping in that entire other mess of misinformation into this already complicated subject?

It’s almost like the spike in interest over this footage and the MH370 case have been artificially inseminated into the community. What would this accomplish? Well, 1 outcome has already been accomplished. Most posts on the front page of this subreddit name drop MH370 – which was notorious for the amount of conspiracies it generated.

Would sure make everyone here look a lot worse if the genuinely disturbing recent events in UFOlogy are buried under yet another conspiratorial rubble.

Secondly, is it my imagination, or did a federal agency (or multiple agencies and contractors) just blatantly engage in a smear campaign against David Grusch? There is quite clearly an active disinfo campaign in operation as we speak, yet it is just coincidence we’re all going on a tangential rabbit hole that doesn’t really have anything to offer us but pointless speculation?

During the most important time in UFO history?

Am I insane, or is this quite clearly a tactic to derail us here?

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