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OK so — what is this worst case scenario? The worst case is “The High Altitude Balloon” and this post is to prepare you for it, in case it happens.

Being prepared will help foil the objectives and plans of this kind of disinfo operation by lessening its effect. Be psychologically prepared that this might happen!

This is where the Disinfo Fruits1 allowed and even enhanced Grusch to build up, blow up, higher and higher, in order to marshall public interest for the purposes of What Comes Next.

What Comes Next in this play is: They Pop the Balloon. The Why is, in other words their objective, is to quench the fire, stop the momentum, kill the interest. That’s the goal of this kind of operation.

This “discrediting” with psych records may just be a first step. Grusch may have had a “kill switch” built in this whole time. A fatal flaw, they can use against him, when the time is right. Something so horrendous and morally repugnant (CSAM, MeToo, etc) that it instantly turns everybody off. No one can be seen to support Grusch after they do that. When they pull this lever, Grusch becomes radioactive, as in “nobody wants to touch it”, and so, by association, does the whole topic! All of that interest, all of that momentum, all of that “edging” of the last few months, is instantly demolished.

The point of this plan is to produce a net “negative” amount of public interest, by marshalling everyone’s interest in order to destroy, thereby discouraging them from pursuing the topic at all by TRAINING them that their INTEREST only LEADS TO DISAPPOINTMENT. It’s an effective Pavlovian manipulation strategy and has been used by the group many many times in this topic before.

So how can we defend against this? I see a few ways, you can think of more!

Don’t become TOO attached to any 1 particular “Savior” figure. The more we have our eggs in 1 Grusch basket, however appealing it seems at the time, the more we tie our momentum to a single point of failure. Encourage a culture where future whistleblowers are open and honest about their flaws and mental health issues. Being open about mental health is basically COOL in this day and age, and cultural climate, so this, while difficult for some people to do, especially in a public setting, is not so hard overall, given the context. This is VERY important. Anything you WANT TO HIDE, is what the Disinfo Perverts will use against you. You have to cultivate being OPEN and TOTALLY ACROSS all aspects of what you may have shared / been intensely questioned on in your security vetting interviews before you got your clearance. You don’t have to be clean, you just have to be honest and unashamed. Anticipate the moves of the DISINFO LOSERS. Anything they have access to, or can get access to, they will eventually use against you by releasing, using out of context, or just plain fabricating or spinning. You don’t have to be clean, you just have to be honest and unashamed. You need to know, and be able to tell, your own story, so others can’t use it against you. You need to get ahead of it, so it can’t be dropped strategically as a bomb like this was. And as a community we need to anticipate that this is information warfare with the disinfo losers, and they will continue to make plays like this, because that is their job as an enemy combatant. Doing shit like this is their only job, and like it or not, it will continue. Try to make it a win. Turn it around judo style. They want it to make the story go away? Then find a way to make their move into a bigger story.

So TL;DR – we need to anticipate and prepare both strategically and psychologically for these expected operations, and respond effectively.

If Grusch does become a radioactive, fast falling, high alt balloon, I think the best thing we can do is: we knew it was coming, we don’t get discouraged, we don’t obsess over it or stuck fighting it, we keep moving forward, we create an environment that’s encouraging and supportive for the next whistleblower.

The important thing is to respond to the moves of the Disinfo Losers in a way that neutralizes them, and even turns their attempted loss for us into a win for us. You’re all smart and powerful, I know you can figure it out!

1: (I want to say Disinfo fgs but I think that will unfairly get me targeted by folks claiming anti-gay stuff, even tho I don’t mean it like that, and gay men owned f*ggot many years ago already! Can I say f*gs here? For now, I won’t).*

The title probably makes everything sound really dire and awful! Sorry! Not saying it’s going to happen, but it’s good to be prepared!

Also, of this will probably seem rushing to move on, or detached from the immoral tragedy being persecuted illegally against Mr Grusch, and will seem unjustifiably interested in how terrible that is. I know it will probably seem like that, so I’m sorry and what I’m trying to do here is offer some info and tactics for how we can deal with stuff like this effectively as a “Movement for Disclosure” or whatever the hell this thing is!

Disinfo folks probably unhappy with my call for FOIA on intel committee post, big trouble for them!! Hence instant downvotes on this. I guess I should give up, right? Too many downvotes, downvote painful, boo hoo hahaha 😭😂

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