A long time skeptic perspective on David Grusch’s “leak”

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I am a long time hopefull skeptic, that is, i am extremely hopefull we will have contact with non human intelligent beings, but i am also in the opinion we haven’t seen anything substantial yet. not the gimbal, flir, airplane vanishing, turkish ufo, that school in africa or whatever video, leak or story that is considered “evidence” around here. you can easily check out my comment history and see for yourself.

D. Grusch involvement with the congressional hearing had my interest peaked, yet, for me, it was still not remotely enough to become a believer. yes, Grusch and the other two seems credible, balanced and truthfull, yet that still doesn’t prove anything in my opinion and an alternative explanations could be argued for their different experiences.

I haven’t posted this so we could argue about this, i am posting because this latest Grusch’s medical leak has me questioning my own skepticism.

In a sort of “streisand effect”, the willingness of the intelligence community to expose a confidential medical record of one of its members has me wondering, why? why try to discredit him in such an obvious nasty and sleazy way? i think there are two optional reasons for this desperate move:

A. Grusch claims are at least 50% real and this is involving NHIs and the powers that be wants to shut info leaking of it.

B. Grusch claims are at least 50% real but this involves an american skunk work breakthrough developments that the powers that be wants to shut info leaking of it.

I don’t like option B. because, as a conspiracy, it requires more people to be involved with, hence weaking its secrecy staying ability, and because i am not a naive idiot.

If a country has a technological advancement, they are not going to hide it, on the contrary, countries often publish non operational future tech as a current operational tech in order to deter other countries. there is no way in hell the US have a vehicle capable of easily crossing the globe in no time and not publish it so that Iran, Russia and China constantly shit their pants and are being deterred from threatening american interests, which they obviously are not scared enough to do so right now.

So given this reasoning, option A, absurdly, seems a more reasonable one.

So i guess my point is: thanks, Intel community for turning a hard skeptic into a much softer one.

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