There are many, many, many interesting videos of UFOs.

Disclosure will never come from a video.

No one has ever proven a video to be real, no amount of analysis has ever found a smoking gun, and the chances of this happening are getting smaller and smaller now with AI generated content.

The Skeptics guiding star are the halls filled with the debunked videos and the debunked pictures. It was once thought that images and videos would make the chance of capturing a real smoking gun much more likely, but it appears to have had the opposite effect. It has introduced more oppourtunities for hoaxes, camera artifacts, and misidentifications of objects that were ever possible before with the naked eye. Our news feeds are saturated with evidence of this, and many people, fresh to the topic, unaware of the history, and with the attention span of a dragonfly, have been obsessing over every single new photo or video that appears.

Some of these have even made their way to the top, being shown infront of members of congress, and being splashed across the face of every talking head on every news channel.

And every time one of those photos gets debunked, more good people are pushed away from this topic, and the naysayers claim another victory.

And what do we have we gained from these videos?


Disclosure will never come from a video. The important questions will never be answered by a video. Every single video, no matter how interesting it is, and some of them are interesting, can always be debated, and can always have been faked.

But the amount of people we have here with boundless enthusiasm? The sleuths scouring the dark edges of the internet for scraps of information, forming disparate connections, THAT isn’t a weakness. That is our greatest strength. Imagine what we could accomplish if we stopped obsessing over every new video and started to channel that energy toward getting real answers, finding loose ends, finding information that slipped through the cracks, finding the footprints of the logistics in big data. Like, for example, an unmarked runway with a warehouse in the middle of the Nevada desert? IDK!

There are real, tangible clues out there, and these videos are eating away at the oppourtunity cost, because ultimately, they will never bring us closer to disclosure, and you know this is true, because you only have to look at all the past examples.

J. Allen Hynek said it himself, in the title of the final chapter of his book The Hynek UFO Report:

“A picture is not neccesarily worth a thousand words.”

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