I’ve reached out to Ross Coulthart to ask if he has seen the videos and if there’s anyone he knows that could put this to rest, my gut feeling is they won’t be allowed to comment on it, but even that would be a good indicative answer as to the veracity of the footage. I encourage you to gently and politely message Ross directly on twitter (X) about this, he saw my message straight away, but has yet to respond, however he has often replied to me when I’ve asked him anything before. Enough gentle pressure and we may get an answer and he may even address this on the next need to know podcast. I’m sure he has sources and connections that could say, either this is fake or ‘we can’t comment on that video at this time’. There’s also a possibility David Grusch would know, having looked at UAPs through satellite’s for his job, which at times defied anything he’s seen as mentioned in the hearing, but whether Ross would ask him is a long shot, however there’s no other way to reach him. Barring that, if we caught Ross on a podcast with superchats that’s one potential way of getting the question to him, and we can finally put this to rest.

Just a reminder, please be polite, respectful and considerate when reaching out.

(I’ve also reached out to Jeremy Corbell on Instagram which is another option, no response as of yet)

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