For a country like the United States to be open about aircrafts in its air space that the military can do nothing about it is a big deal . Such approach means , if not a hoax, that either one or the statement is true :

1- these aircrafts are indeed human made but not by the usa .

which is the least probable situation . A country like the usa which is heavily dependent on its military and war image can’t possible make a statement that aircrafts , which could be made by a foreign nation , are violating its airspace and they can only stand and watch .

2- the aircrafts are man made and are a products of the usa .

This imo is the most probable scenario. The usa have made a new class of tech , probably acquired after or during WW2 . The us doesnt want the tech normalised or for other nations to run their own programs , so they kind of made this situation where the tech exists but isn’t human made. This allows for a versatile use of the tech , specially if we entertain the “fake alien invasion” theory which have been discussed at the UN sometime in the last decade.

3- the aircrafts and aliens are real

This I don’t believe . Solely because of the sheer amount of unanswered questions that rises. Such scenario will imply that :

aliens have no interest in our planet , otherwise , flying small ships here and there in places that hold no interests isnt the way to go.

aliens have interest in our planet , but are afriad of human reaction if their existance is made visible to the specie. This i strongly doubt , if small ships are giving that hard of a time to the military , imagine bigger spaceships with advanced weapons.

aliens have made a deal with humans. If so , then Why ? It would imply that humans have enough science available to sit in a negotiation table which isnt true in this context. Also the usa going to other countries like Japan and striking a military agreement about sharing ufo information doesn’t support this theory.

Another thing I forgot that support my second point. There have been a ufo contact in the military during a military drill (it was on a Joe rogan podcast , it was with a woman that’s all I remmeber). Anyhow , during the drill , the aircraft appeared , toyed with the military fighter jets , then at the end , it went straight to the planned end point for the drill . Which either means they could simulate the drill and figure out where the drill will take end , or , which is more probable , whoever controlled the aircrafts knew about the drill and how it would be taken out .

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