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On July 12, a visiting photographer named Spencer Ellsperman was taking burst-shot photos while visiting my company’s farm property near Mona, Utah. In just one of the rapid frames, he captured a UAP in the sky. It has no heat trail. The photo is timestamped 11:18 AM Mountain time. Interestingly, the location in the sky where you see the UAP is almost exactly in a straight line from our property to Skinwalker Ranch in northeastern Utah. I wanted to share since both the shape of the object, as well as the fact that it is in only one of the back-to-back frames and therefore seems to be traveling at an extremely high speed, remind me a lot of the UAPs they show on the Secret of Skinwalker Ranch TV show. To me it also looks like sunlight is reflecting on it at the same angle that you see sunlight hitting the lavender plants. If someone has a mundane explanation as to what this object is, I’d love to hear it. The last photo below includes the before-and-after frames from his burst shots.

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