I say that for a reason. The only UAP I’ve ever clearly and visibly seen was in 2008. We were on our way to Washington DC from Alabama. Idk what state we were in but I was in 5th grade and it was about 7am. The sun was rising and it was cloudy, but not overcast. I’m the only one awake on the bus so of course, being a bored student with no phone (2008 fuck yall I’m not old) I decide to stare out the window.

The moment I look out of the window, I saw a black shape navigating slowly through the clouds like an upside down shark. Belly up. It was smooth and damn near vanta black. I was like “no way we must be in DC already and they’re running military drills.” So I’m watching this thing literally coast through the clouds, and then it slowly ascends back up into the clouds.

So I’m sitting there in awe because I just witnessed a military drill as a child, right? Tell me why this motherfucker flipped upright and descended from the clouds like Mr. Kennedy’s microphone, and stayed parallel with the clouds, hovering, for what felt like hours but was probably more like 45 seconds.

Here’s the crazy part. It wasn’t a UAP design that I had ever heard or seen before. It wasn’t a disc. It wasn’t a triangle or a pill. It looked like if a Daedric prince had built Chichen Itza, but way more slender and narrow. It hovered in the sky for fuck knows how long, before LITERALLY DISAPPEARING!!! I thought I was dreaming or just imagined it. Until I looked up again and saw that it had basically split the cloud in half. Nobody, and I mean fucking nobody believed me. But you know who did believe it and entertained my story? My math teacher. Oh he was also a retired NASA employee.

Edit: I just wanna add that this is the second time I’ve told this story out loud (besides the bus) so if anyone has any sort of information that’d be so sick. And when I say my math teacher entertained my story, I mean that he kept me after class and made me tell it to him over and over again. I think that’s a huge part of the reason I remember everything so vividly.

Edit2 for the homie: when I say Daedric Chichen Itza, imagine an Aztec pyramid with no base, so it’s more like a tower. Now take away all of the stairs, but leave one set of stairs on the side so it’s 3 sides smooth and one side rigid. Now paint it black (guitar ensues)

Edit3 for new post: I saw 2 videos on r/StrangeEarth earlier today of a massive pyramid UAP over Russia and the Pentagon. While these videos aren’t very convincing to most, they are almost identical to the UAP I saw that morning on the bus. I think about my experience daily. It’s never left my mind and never will. And after today, it shouldn’t. I was right. 11 years old and I was right.

Edit4: here** idk why it did that

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