tl;dr I believe any agreements made were to draw a line in the sand with our progress as a species. If we get advanced technology before we’re ready, we’ll export our human aggression off planet and start damaging the galaxy. NHI would interfere to prevent this from happening. Governments want to keep power and are trying to equalize the playing field with NHI in secret.

Purported agreements

This post did a nice job summarizing some of the public statements related to purported agreements between NHI and humans. Here’s an alternative take.

Let’s make some assumptions first though:

NHI are far more advanced as seemingly evident from their tech NHI could destroy us at any time, but they haven’t NHI are indeed monitoring us all of the time

I would posit if there are agreements they are more like the following rules.

You (humans) are not allowed off of your planet Your (human) species will not use any advanced technology such as anti-gravity or zero point energy In return, we (NHI) will not interfere with you If you do become space faring or too technologically advanced, we will have to regulate you to protect our own (NHI) species We will measure (abduct) specimens of your race from time-to-time to determine if you’re ready

Why? Because look at us. Can you imagine a Putin with anti-gravity technology? And it’s not just him, there are many of us like him. Look at our recent history alone. We can already destroy our own planet with nukes.

With the right technology, we could destroy other planets. Extrapolating on our current behavior, it’s not a question of if, but when.

Our species is not ready for advanced tech

We can’t even take care of our own planet. It has nothing to do with tech! It has everything to do with human nature. We would not be good citizens in the galaxy. It just takes one human with a narcissistic personality to with the right technologies to wipe out another species. If we were to get off planet, there’s no telling what we could eventually do. As a species, we are not headed towards Star Trek, we are headed towards Avatar (hint: we’re the bad guys!)

Check out this great post on game theory as to some reasons why we are what we are today. While this is a great explanation I have long also agreed with, I don’t see any way for our species to change in the near term. In that sense, I think many of us would welcome NHI interference!

How does this fit with what we’re seeing?

Governments and people in power have no interest in relinquishing their power. If NHI were to regulate us, the current power structures would be meaningless. Hence governments will do their best to keep that day of NHI interference away.

This means:

All advanced research is kept locked up Anyone who makes advanced discoveries is persecuted and “disappeared” UFOs / UAPs are hidden because if they were discovered to be real, the technology would eventually come out in the open

Why are the governments studying these technologies then in secret? To figure out how to equalize themselves against NHI interference. That’s the only way to maintain their power.

Abductions: I think abductions are not intended to harm us. They are monitoring our progress.

Visitation: many of the sightings seem to be more “probes” which makes sense. We’re being watched and monitored to ensure we don’t reach a certain point

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts. I hope to hear your perspective.

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