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Daniel Valverdi, a journalist and UFO researcher from Argentina. Valverdi said that he received the videos from an anonymous source who claimed to be a former employee of a satellite company. Valverdi said that he did not believe the videos were real, but he decided to share them anyway for entertainment purposes.

His website

The website had published the videos on May 15 and June 19, 2014, respectively, but clarified that they were not verified and that the site visitor decided their veracity.

Similar videos he posted

Satellite USA-184 or NORL-22 position on the day showing it could not have recorded the image. That being said it is likely an icbm detection satellite that could work in a network under the mission name NORL-22. These UFO clearly give off interesting infrared opposite of an explosive launch maybe the satellite is designed to pick that up.

I also added the images of the video together to get a larger view I see someone else did the same thing.

I used content aware to fill in gaps so I could use reverse image search for skybox’s or plane videos and nothing. Maybe someone knows about clouds and weather?

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