(Footage shown at 6:30-10:45, then repeated a few more times as they talk about it)


My thoughts:

The story that this John Stewart -not the Green Lantern, nor the talk show guy- tells is pretty compelling.

It seems like he at least put some real effort into sleuthing around before speculating. He was given a list of names of people who were allegedly in that room while it was filmed, then started emailing people, making calls, even knocking on doors and meeting these obscure contacts in person. And not the usual suspects of ufology either. He apparently went pretty far out of his way to get all their various sides of the story and compare their reactions against whatever other clues he could find in connection to this footage.

The clip itself also seems to have a certain sense of “authenticity” to it… One that even high-budget feature films all too often lack. Blurry and dark as it is, you can still tell there’s a lot of little details on scene. It could just be a complex puppet, but the artists and puppeteers responsible must have been extremely skilled. (Pay careful attention to how translucent the skin and bones are when the medical team starts shining a flashlight around.)

The combined heart/lung monitor is also super weird, and a hoaxer or set designer would have been better off using more standard looking equipment, instead of getting a random custom model like that. That’s a lot of effort to waste just for some guy to get a low resolution, underexposed clip to share with some crackpots on the internet. (Not impossible, just seems like an odd way to hoax or spread misinformation.)

In my honest opinion, it looks like a trapped animal. Not emoting in human expressions, but there’s still a sense of pain and exhaustion in its movements.


Does any of that mean it’s 100% real? Of course not.

I’m still on the fence about all this.

It could just be some random lost footage from a forgotten TV show. Maybe his source was secretly sending him on a wild goose chase to find all that oddly thorough background for living and dead people, who are not among the usual suspects in ufology, all to eventually throw the world off the scent of the “truth”… But that seems to require more assumptions than the simplest explanation.

I’m trying to be as skeptical as possible while also staying openminded enough to accept a potential truth.

All that said, this footage really leaves me wondering, much more than any other alleged footage of NHI I’ve seen thus far.


Do any of you recognize anything about it from a known fictional production?

I’m also not sure how I feel about Mr. Stewart’s words near the end, calling for the full amnesty of everyone involved in the coverup, all so the truth can come out unimpeded… But it is possible that he’s right about it being the only real way forward.



Note- I don’t personally watch that channel. I just found the vid in my recommended list while sifting through the usual garbage piles for something more substantial.

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