Amnesty itself is a contentious topic. I think despite our disgust and anger that this has been withheld for as long as it has, and the near certainty that people have been injured or killed to protect the secret, probably the preponderance of people is that amnesty needs to be offered in order to get the full truth. However stuff like David Grusch’s medical history being released is making me think that we might need to put a sunset provision on that amnesty. Such as now. We are going to allow you to get away with whatever crimes you did previously, but anything going forward isn’t going to be forgiven. That is, ‘I was just following orders’ or, ‘national security’, or whatever excuse you want to use isn’t going to fly if you are retaliating against whistleblowers. I will state for my own purposes I don’t really like amnesty but it may be a necessary evil. If we can get disclosure without amnesty I’d prefer that. Thoughts?

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