Mellon retweets Marik von Rennenkampff’s Hill article:

This is, of course, +1 on the Mellon meter. This is not particularly significant in itself, except that Mr. Mellon has kept his head down during the last flare up around he who shall not named (the troll). The MellonRate, for the past week was extremely low compared to the previous week, a mere 0.142, which stood at nearly 2!

While every rise on the MellonMeter brings us closer to disclosure, the lower rate is noticeable. Mellon keeps his head clearer, even clearer than Garry, who manages to glide through most controversies with professional elegance and eloquence. But Mellon? Only when the ground is clear.

While maybe many of you might not see this as anything big, I thing it is worthwhile, for historical purposes and for an interpretive lens to read moves and news, to see how Team Disclosure moves.

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