For this hypothesis, we are going to assume the alleged information pertaining to the human soul is true.

This information being:

1: Souls are real and somehow intertwine with consciousness in a way we don’t yet understand. 2: The soul/consciousness is ‘immortal’ 3: The soul/consciousness can be transferred (and is being transferred by NHI to pilot craft (UFO/UAP) and biological ‘suits’ (the greys)

If this is true, then the reason for covering all this up could be the repersuccions of this information getting out and permeating through the world.

Can you imagine, how many people, would immediately end their lives if they were guaranteed that there was something ‘better’ on the other side? If it didn’t end? Or even if it was a chance at a better life here and ‘forgetting’ their current one?

It’s a pretty dark hypothesis, but plausible. I believe we are all here for a reason. A reason that each of us must find, and learn ourselves. I would not be one of the ones to jump forward to whatever is ‘next’ but I am also incredibly lucky in life. I have a lot to be thankful for and see life as a beautiful thing, even with all the struggles. But I can bet that there are many that don’t feel this way.

What would YOU do, if it was guaranteed to you, that once you die, you’ll either ascend to ‘something better’ or get immediately reborn back here, with a whole new life, remembering nothing, to try and lean the lesson again. Would you roll the dice?

Maybe they are terrified of how many people that would.

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