I like to usually sit on my balcony to relax, mostly at night and have a smoke and chill. I’ve got an incredibly beautiful view of the night sky from my apartment which gives me quite the peripheral on the stars. Recently however I’ve been stargazing much more because my interest in this topic has peaked once again.

I just wanted to know if there’s is some sort of guide or tips to spotting and differentiating UFOs from any other natural or man-made phenomena such as satellites and such. I know there isn’t some kind of practiced known science to it, but I imagine a lot of other people do the same thing in this community quite a bit. As a disclaimer, I’m located in Australia in a small city if that helps.

Is it just nothing more then luck, and being in the right place at the right time? Is there any sort of specific time that’s ripe? Locations?

I know of those CE5 ritual things to “summon” UFOs but honestly that seems a bit wacky, even for me. Even if it’s as small as how the lights flicker differently from stars, or how they move in comparison to satellites. Anything of that sort really would be helpful 🙂

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