I can’t legally explain how I know this but it was purely accidental. In the 90s, a person came to me with a ridiculous story of working for 6 months or so in a system of tunnels that connects military bases in Utah, Arizona, California etc. They told me they were 1000s of miles of tunnels and they never even saw the end of any of them, they had rail system, asbestos coated pipes, lights etc. This person claimed they looked like they were built or built out in the 40/50s overall but some looked newer and some looked natural and some much much older. Some opened up into huge bases or town like structures etc.

A series of events followed that basically confirmed key parts of his story and led me to believe he was being completely truthful. Again can’t do details sorry, legally prohibited.

Several years later, reports of this seemed to pop up all over, even Musk is now involved etc.

There are reports of everything from ancient civilizations, to alien bases etc. I am not sure WTF these tunnels etc are but apparently they are everywhere out west

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