I feel completely disconnected from other human beings because I’m a contactee (and also have probably been monitored, and/or am a part of an illegal special access program). I feel like I’m kept from other human beings, because most people just can’t handle what I’ve gone through.

I don’t know if that’s a bad thing. But it is very isolating. Has anyone else here experienced that? I can’t have relationships anymore. I can’t tolerate what passes for human interaction. And I’m not just talking about small talk. I mean everything. I can’t relate to this reality that we all have to share anymore here in terra firma reality.

No one understands me and I can’t even fathom the limitations that they’re living in at this point. I don’t think I’m better than anyone else. I would love to have a solid group of people as a support system whom I could turn to. But I can’t find it and honestly if I talk to someone for more than an hour now, I usually wanna tear my hair out anyway.

The things most people call priorities I just don’t understand. I don’t care about normal life anymore. I want the new reality. I don’t want to live in this reality anymore. It’s causing all the problems, this reality. And yet most people just blindly adhere to it.

I’m not saying technology is going to solve everything, but all this technology that’s being hoarded by the people who’ve run these crash retrieval and reverse engineering programs and the energy sources by which this technology is fueled, the scientific breakthroughs, maybe even medical science breakthroughs that could come from this, I just feel like they would be revolutionary and would change everything- or at least improve our quality of life tremendously. Maybe even make us be able to do certain things that we couldn’t do before physically.

And I just want that right now. I want to go there. I don’t want to be in this reality anymore. I want people to have what I have. And yet I can’t share it with anyone. It’s a weird paradox

Does anyone else have that frustration? Even if you’re not an experiencer?

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