Let’s forgo what is real and what is fake for a minute and let’s have a bit of fun.

Has anyone considered the thought that the “triangle” UFO’s we see are actually three separate ufo’s surrounding a middle object?

Like bare with me for a second, there’s this video here

That basically shows three smaller UFO’s hovering and circling around a larger one.

There is also this video that was just posted by a user, showing the same thing, one large orb and a few smaller ones in close vicinity.

There is this video from Texas (sorry for the history channel video but it’s all I could find)


There are ALOT of these videos and most “experts” discuss triangle UFO’s as singular craft. These lights are not static on a surface or structure. None of these are static lights.

Maybe the smaller ones (if this were real) provides the “jump power” to the UFO we see in the middle of these triangle UFO’s. Just like in the MH370 video.

I saw a UFO very similar to the ones I linked, but there were no separate UFO’s circling it, it didn’t look like a triangle but EXACTLY like the orb shown. What if the smaller ones jump in with the big guy, then jump back out, and act as a shepard, sheparding other crafts to their final destination.

I’m not a VFX artist, but I am a photographer who has worked on a few different projects that involved high complexity VFX, and MH370 video doesn’t give me the feeling that I get watching what I know to be VFX or videos that end up being found out as VFX. It isn’t an uncanny valley feeling, it’s deeper than uncanny valley, it’s an actual valley. The cloud illumination argument for it being legit, Ithink, is 100% spot on imho.

Deep down, I still believe triangle UFO’s are probably human made aircraft, skunkworks and the like. I FIRMLY believe the Phoenix lights to be B2 type air craft. But this whole Malaysia thing, the videos I linked, and my own experiences of watching and an Orb blink out of space, has me spiraling down this rabbit hole.

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