I was wondering if there’s a correlation between the massive amount of satellites launched for Starlink constellation and UAP sightings… and I don’t mean people confusing the moving little bright dots (satellites), which is obvisouly a possibility, but I mean actual UAP sightings that happen due to the fact humans are launching thousands of satellites in 2023 compared to mere hundreds in 2019.

I saw a post earlier which clearly shows a triangle formation of satellites (not a Starlink) among a line of satellites (possibly Starlink).

Finally, as a PSA to folks who continue to ask for pictures and videos of UAPs, I’d encourage you to go out tonight if you’re in the northern hemisphere and attempt to record the Starlink satellite train that will pass overhead right after sunset. You can use this website on your phone to track satellites. If you’re near Cleveland, OH you’re in for a show as two separate satellite launches will cross visual path overhead (albeit over the span of 3 minutes).

I know it’s hard for a phone camera to capture dim lights at night, but I hope this helps ones who are keen on capturing a video of sightings to practice night video recording.

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