I have memories from when I’m kid. Both involve me playing in the garden, in the evening, circa ‘84 or so (I live in the UK) One is of looking up through the trees in the garden and just seeing this huge cluster of lights in the night sky over the neighbours house. The other is of something saucer shaped scooting along, over the fields as dusk settled, as lights alternated in different colours, seemingly as if the thing was rotating, at least the lights seemed to. They are just images now, vague impressions. Maybe I was just an imaginative kid who watched too much Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica? Maybe I dreamt them? The first in particular has stuck with me for thrifty-nine years. Though it seems at the same time that when I think about it, part of me dismisses it. The passage of time has made them vague, like faded Polaroids from that time. I don’t know what to think anymore other than after reading about all this stuff for years that something is going on.

I — like many people — would like to know what that is. I think it is very worrying that governments (at least partly) no-longer seem to represent the principals that founded them. There are some good folks, but it’s the bad folks that seem to be pulling the strings — that is to say that we perceive these ‘shadowy’ factions as bad. Certainly it looks nefarious and sinister from the outside; for what reason would they have lied to us for so long, unless it was to hide something really, really dark?

But here is the point. They’ve been at this for years, and with the resources and tech (allegedly) at their disposal they surely can continue to deny, hide and obscure the truth. If they’ve kept it quiet for so long, it’s almost impossible to guess what measures and contingencies they have had time to concoct for such an event as Grusch, Fravor and Graves speaking up and the groundswell of support behind them. They must do risk forecasts on people like Trump, and scenarios like former military personnel blowing whistles. One wonders how things unfold? I mean I wonder what’s next in the tradecraft playbook of smoke and mirrors, because it’s essentially a scenario they’ve not experienced before. I keep wondering about what will be happening behind closed doors in subterranean corridors. I imagine hard drives being wiped, labs being incinerated and things that shouldn’t exist being moved to even darker holes to hide them in.

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