Are you guys feeling uneasy about the whole NHI situation?

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Alien abductions, cattle mutilations, killing of human beings and other alleged not so friendly stuff has been reported from thousands of people from around the world. All have one thing in common: The cause is “aliens” or non-human intelligence. Up until this past week, I always thought that “they” were either friendly or neutral with regards to humans. “If they are real, -I thought- then they are more powerful and thus want us to be happy and take care of our planet”. We know they “allegedly” can control our nuclear warheads, right? So, they could destroy us any minute if they wanted to.

The thing is, with this “supposedly” airplane abduction that has been the talk of reddit, it got me thinking. Why do we even think they are friendly or care about us or even the planet? Some people here seem to think that since they have the power to destroy us easily, they could have done it already. But since they haven’t, then it’s almost a certainty that they aren’t going to. But why do we assume we know what they think or want? We always think with human brain and logic.

Let’s assume that the plane abduction is real. Why would they do that? There was, and still is, a lot of suffering from their family members. Do you see anything positive from this besides suffering and angst? What about cattle mutilations? Assuming these NHI are behind this, what is their purpose? They could get all the DNA or whatever they need from a single cow, since they pretend to be all powerful, but why mutilate a lot of animals and keep doing it to this day? To my primitive human brain, this doesn’t sound like a friendly “race”.

And then you have the thousands of alien abduction cases. Assuming some of them are true, then this seals the deal for me. Why would they need to abduct all kinds of humans for their DNA? Isn’t one of us enough to get all they need? And some of them are scary, allegedly impregnating women or taking semen from others. Does this sound like friendly beings that are here to help us?

To top it all, you have Lue Elizondo, Ross Coulthart, Leslie Keane and others talking about somber stuff, humans dying at the hands of these beings and the 2027 doomsday clock. To me, this stuff doesn’t sound friendly at all. It feels hostile or, at the very least, careless on their part. If they don’t really care about us, then why even be here interacting with our DNA? If we are some stupid monkey race on a small planet, why do they even bother us?

What makes us humans so special that a bunch of alien/interdimensional beings would want to hurt us so that they can get our DNA? If we are so inferior to them, why would they need to abduct our airplanes or our cows? If the theories are true, they could control space and time, so why would they even care what these stupid monkeys think or do?

I don’t know the answer, but I don’t think “they” are friendly. And we should stop romanticizing this issue by thinking that once they show up, we won’t have to go to work or that they are going to save us from this life. Heck, they might even show up and destroy all of us or make us their slaves. Maybe they really are interested in our emotions, and they feed off of them.

One thing is for sure, they really don’t seem friendly. Don’t kid yourself, whatever the phenomenon is, it doesn’t seem to care about our feelings or emotions. They don’t seem to really care about us.

Can you guys feel it tough? It feels like there really is another intelligence, besides humans, on earth. It doesn’t feel like before. There is something in the air. Something unexplainable just makes me feel some kind of unrest. It feels like something is about to reveal itself or something strange is about to happen. It’s just a feeling. Can you guys sense it too?

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