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From what I’m hearing the Canadian government is involved in this coverup. There has been stories of crashed UFO’s in remote locations and a very convincing UFO mass site in Ottawa

Here you can find a list of all of our Canadian MP’s. Every Canadian member of R/|UFO’s needs to send them an email demanding disclosure.

My representative is Kyle Seeback. Here is the email I will be sending:

Mr. Seeback,

As you know our friends to the South are pushing for disclosure of the UFO programs that are currently being run there.

We would like our representatives to push for the same sorts of disclosures. There has been many convincing sightings of UFO’s in our country. Our own former Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer has made it clear that there is more going on then is publicly available .

Another famous encounter was the Falson Lake Incident. Listen here for more information:

What I would like to see is our representatives pushing for more information in this matter. Where there is smoke there is fire.

Please let me know what next steps may be in regards to this,

Can we Canadians please get mobilized?

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