Just to be clear, I’m leaning more towards these videos(more the satellite video than this one) being real than I am them being a hoax, but this specific point is an absolute nothing-burger on this. It’s not showing anything being pulled backwards, it’s just overlaying frames from a shaky video of a non-stationary object crimes by a non-stationary camera that is undoubtedly zoomed in(makes the image more difficult to hold stable), which we know it was, otherwise we would be seeing the UAV in the satellite video too as it would have to be relatively close to get a shot that tight.

I also want to be clear I am not claiming the OP(u/GrimZeigfeld) as being deceitful or admonishing them in some way, I am just pointing out that this rationale is not correct. I believe their intentions with that post were good with the information they thought they discovered.

This is the assertion to explain away this possibility:

Although the frames I’ve stacked are aligned with one another, the point of view was not completely static. It was filmed from a moving camera, which might cause the objects in the video to seem slightly misaligned. However, since the camera was tracking, and we are only dealing with five frames of footage here (meaning the length of time was around 0.2 seconds), the misalignment due to camera motion should be negligible. Also, in the frame just before the portal, the objects drastically warp in that direction (the only frame in which they do so) further lending itself to the idea that they are being pulled. The orb motion is also not consistent with motion blur, seeing as two move in their own circular pattern, and the center one moves in a straight line.

To start, this does not look to be a very high frame rate, maybe around 24 fps or so based on the number of frames taken and the duration of time that spans those frames in the video. If you take 24 frames of continuous motion of a person running, while you are zoomed in, even with a stabilized camera, there will be a significant change from the first frame to the 5th. Sure, .2 seconds is not a lot of time, but with the camera shake and the motion of the plane and the orbs, there is a lot in motion. They even admit themselves only 2 frames catch the motion of the orbs converging, so there you have drastic movement between just two frames.

If you want to test this yourself, most phone cameras shoot at 24-30 fps when not recording in slow-mo. Go record a one second long video of a moving object(a car driving away from you at a similar angle to th UAV and this plane) handheld and then cycle through the first five frames, and to make it more realistic and accurate to the video, zoom in some first before doing so(even if you skip this part you’ll still see the movement you get). Whatever you record will undoubtedly be moving slower than this plan and will still show how much movement there is between 5 frames.

I make this post to keep the conversation on this topic accurate, not to prove this is or isn’t genuine/a hoax.

Edit: Fixed a typo.

Edit II: A lot of downvotes really quickly, so I’m assuming people have not taken the time to test this themselves.

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